Increff - Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities

The goal of this exercise is to qualify expansion opportunities in existing customers for Increff.
Since Increff has multiple product offerings, cross-sell happens when additional offerings or SKUs are sold to an existing customer, or when a deal is closed in a new geography, sub-entity or business line of an existing customer. Each possible new deal for a new product offering, or in a new geography, business line or sub-entity is referred to as a whitespace in this document.
In order to identify opportunities for upsells or cross-sells in existing customers of Increff, the following configurations have been set up on Nurturev.

Product lines

The following are the different product lines configured:
Merchandising Software
The science behind accurate merchandising and seamless retail experiences., Stay ahead in e-commerce fashion with insights and emerging trend reports., Adapting to evolving customer demands with effective retail merchandising strategies.
Planning and Buying
Smart assortment planning at your fingertips for master inventory control., Strategic retail planning and buying optimizations., Meticulous assortment planning and buying for retail success.
Allocation and Replenishment
Maximize sales opportunities with demand-focused allocation and auto-replenishment., Strategies for tackling inventory fulfillment challenges post-pandemic.
Business Intelligence
Powerful BI dashboard for quick in-season merchandising decisions., Enhancing retail decisions with data-driven business intelligence.
Cloud Warehousing (CWAS)
Outsource warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment with zero upfront cost., Future-proofing businesses with sustainable warehousing initiatives.
Markdown Optimization
Intelligent markdowns for boosting sales and inventory clearance, Stay ahead in e-commerce fashion with insights and emerging trend reports.
Merchandise Financial Planning
Agile adjustments for precision and profitability in retail financial planning., Meticulous assortment planning and buying for retail success.
Omni Solution
All-in-one platform for achieving omnichannel retail success., Strategies for tackling inventory fulfillment challenges post-pandemic.
Order Management System (OMS)
Frictionless omni-fulfillment with one-view inventory management., Strategies for tackling inventory fulfillment challenges post-pandemic.
Regional Utilization
Optimal inventory distribution for maximized demand with a regional focus., Strategies for tackling inventory fulfillment challenges post-pandemic.
Serial Code (InSC)
Item-level tracking with unique serialized codes for inventory., Mastering item-level tracking across supply chains for better serialization.
Ship from Store (SFS)
Selling store inventory across online channels with convenience and speed., Stay ahead in e-commerce fashion with insights and emerging trend reports.
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Transforming warehouse efficiency through automation and optimization., Running efficient warehouse operations with new WMS technologies., Future-proofing businesses with sustainable warehousing initiatives.

Configurations for each product offering:

Nurturev trains models on 3rd party data with the context of each of the product line, to identify any aligned needs and priorities in each of the whitespaces. The following are the configurations that help us identify the signals:
Product offering
Key departments
Specific Roles
Value Proposition
Planning and Buying
Purchasing, Retail Planning, Planning, Buying, Merchandising, Finance
Retail Buyers
Purchasing Agents
Merchandise Planners
Buying Directors
Inventory Planners
Streamlined inventory procurement
Optimized buying strategy
Demand forecasting accuracy
Supplier selection efficiency
Product assortment planning
Inventory Planning
Inventory Management
Procurement Solutions
Supply Chain Procurement
Supply Chain Management
Supply Management
Supply Chain Optimization
Merchandise Planning
Demand Planning
Production Planning
Allocation and Replenishment
Inventory Management, Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics
Inventory Analysts
Replenishment Coordinators
Supply Chain Analysts
Distribution Managers
Logistics Planners
Automated stock distribution
Multi-channel inventory balance
Stock replenishment automation
Supply chain optimization
Sales and inventory alignment
Stock Replenishment
Inventory Replenishment
Collaborative Commerce
Supply Chain Automation
Automated Warehouse
Business Intelligence
Business Analysis, IT, Business Intelligence, Merchandising
Business Analysts
Data Analysts
BI Consultants
Corporate Executives
Operations Managers
Strategic decision-making insights
Data-driven business analytics
Actionable intelligence provision
Market trend analysis
Performance metric tracking
Business Intelligence
Operational BI
Business intelligence platform
Business Intelligence Analytics
Actionable Insights
Agile Business Intelligence (BI)
Cloud Warehousing (CWAS)
E-Commerce, Distribution, IT, Sustainability, Operations, Supply Chain
Distribution Center Managers
Third-party Logistics (3PL) Managers
E-commerce Logistics Managers
Supply Chain Directors
Operations Executives
Cloud-based warehouse management
Scalable storage solutions
Real-time inventory tracking
Warehouse operation optimization
Integrated logistics support
Automated Warehouse
Ware2Go Inc.
Data Warehouse Cloud
AWS Storage Gateway
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Cloud as a Service
Cloud Automation
Markdown Optimization
Sales, Merchandising, Marketing, E-commerce
Pricing Strategists
Commercial Managers
Retail Managers
Sales Analysts
Financial Controllers
Profit-maximizing price reductions
Strategic discount planning
Markdown timing optimization
Inventory clearance maximization
Sales cycle price adjustment
Marketing Optimization
Conversion Marketing
Checkout Optimization
Merchandise Financial Planning
Finance, Retail Planning, Merchandising, Planning
Financial Planners
Strategic Planners
Merchandise Financial Analysts
Business Development Managers
Merchandise budget management
Financial planning for retail
Revenue forecasting accuracy
Cost of goods optimization
Inventory investment analysis
Merchandise Planning
Centric Planning
Online Merchandising
Marketing Management
Planning and Forecasting
Marketing Information Systems
Marketing Management Software
Marketing Plans
Order Management System (OMS)
Customer Service, E-Commerce, Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics, Inventory Management
E-commerce Operations Managers
Order Management Specialists
Fulfillment Supervisors
Retail Operations Managers
Customer Service Executives
Efficient order processing
E-commerce order fulfillment
Multi-channel order integration
Customer experience enhancement
Order tracking and management
Order Management
Order & Execution Management System (OEMS)
Online Ordering
Order Fulfillment
Channel Management Software
Regional Utilization
Logistics, Distribution, Supply Chain, Inventory Management
Logistics Managers
Regional Sales Managers
Operations Directors
Supply Chain Strategists
Distribution Coordinators
Region-specific inventory optimization
Localized demand fulfillment
Stock allocation efficiency
Geographic market analysis
Inter-regional stock balancing
Freight Management
Inventory Optimization
Supply Chain Network Optimization
Operational Efficiency
Retail Inventory
Inventory Management
Inventory Optimization
Supply Chain Network Optimization
Serial Code (InSC)
Inventory Management, Loss Prevention, Logistics, Supply Chain
Inventory Control Specialists
Quality Assurance Managers
Logistics Analysts
Product Traceability Managers
Compliance Officers
Serialized inventory tracking
Secure product authentication
Chain of custody verification
Detailed stock movement logs
Warranty and returns tracking
Barcode Software
Universal Product Code (UPC)
Bar Coding
Electronic Article Surveillance
Enterprise Labeling Software
Inventory Control
Inventory Management
Ship from Store (SFS)
Retail Operations, Fulfillment, E-commerce, Marketing, Merchandising
Store Managers
Online Retail Managers
Channel Strategy Managers
Logistics Specialists
E-commerce Fulfillment Officers
Retail store order fulfillment
Omni-channel logistics integration
Faster online order delivery
Store-based shipping optimization
Reduced delivery lead times
eFulfillment Service
Direct to Store Delivery
Fulfillment Center
Fulfillment Services
Order Fulfillment
Same Day Shipping
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Warehouse Operations, Logistics, Operations, Supply Chain, Sustainability
Warehouse Supervisors
Logistics Coordinators
Supply Chain Managers
Operations Managers
Inventory Control Specialists
Warehouse operations efficiency
Real-time inventory control
Automated warehouse workflows
Accurate stock picking
Resource utilization improvement
Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management Solutions
Warehouse Execution
Inventory Control
SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
Automated Warehouse
Transportation Management System (TMS)
Warehousing and Distribution
There are no rows in this table

List of competitors

One beat
Omni channel
Channel engine

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