Drones Attacks and Incidents in Last Year- A 2022 Review

During the global pandemic where humans were caged inside their homes, UAVs took over, and a testament to this fact is the boom of the commercial market by 2022. Due to their agility and adaptability, trespassers and criminals are capitalizing on new opportunities using UAVs. Drones are being used for nefarious activities like illegal surveillance attacks, smuggling, and whatnot, which calls for .
In general, drones aren’t the problem. Rogue drones are a problem plaguing the airspace of sensitive establishments. Wondering what were the major drone attack incidents in 2022? Here we go!
In McCormick County, SC, USA, three individuals were arrested in December for using a drone to unlawfully deliver drugs and prohibited items into McCormick Correctional Institution. Similarly, another incident involved a drone delivering contraband to Evans Correctional Institution, Bennetsville, resulting in charges related to criminal conspiracy, distribution of marijuana, and providing contraband to a state facility or inmate.
Canadian authorities in Trent Hills, Ontario suspected the involvement of drones in a drug delivery incident at a prison in Warkworth. This incident marked the second seizure of banned substances in a single week.
A Mavic Pro drone was discovered at Townsville Correctional Centre in November in Australia. The drone was carrying illicit substances such as tobacco, methylamphetamine, cannabis, and approximately $250,000 worth of Suboxone strips.
During November in Algeciras, Spain, an intended drone delivery of drugs and contraband to Botafuegos prison went awry, causing the items to fall on a nearby terrace due to the drone losing control.
Two incidents were reported in France in October. By 2022’s second half, a drone was cited in the courtyard of Fresnes prison, carrying narcotics, mobile phones, and other illicit items. In addition, in December, suspicious drones were observed hovering over Vignettes detention center.
Over the past year, the jurisdiction of Gloria Chavez, Rio Grande Valley’s Border Patrol Chief, has detected over 24,000 unauthorized drones. On a global scale, there has been a significant increase in incidents at the Indo-Pak border in 2022. The Indian Border Security Forces have reported that instances of drones being used to transport drugs, ammunition and weapon across the border from Pakistan have more than doubled compared to 2021.
Attacks on Critical Infrastructures
In the United States, there have been multiple sightings of drones hovering over chemical facilities in Louisiana. Concerned about potential acts of espionage and terrorism, the FBI issued an alert to raise awareness. In July, there were reports of several drones flying at low altitudes just above a chemical plant in Louisiana.
In October, unauthorized drones were observed near Denmark's western coast, close to the Roar gas field. In September, Norway's Petroleum Safety Authority issued a warning to oil companies, urging them to exercise increased vigilance regarding unidentified UAVs flying near gas and offshore oil platforms. This warning came after a drone was sighted merely 50 meters away from Equinor's Heidrun platform in the North Sea.
Want more information about drone attacks or want to know how a can detect unauthorized UAVs in the protected airspace? Reach out to the professionals now!
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