All You Need to Know About Drone Jammers

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A growing number of drones taking off to the sky increases the risk of security. Although drones serve as powerful helping devices in many industries, their use for criminal activities is also rising. That’s when counter-drone or counter-UAS solutions come to the rescue. Here, prove to be one of the safest and most effective ways.
Whatever the anti-drone solutions are, their goals remain the same - tracking and bringing down drones, especially those that pose a threat. In this post, we will dig deeper into drone jammers about how they work and how you can use them to ensure security.
What are drone jammers?
Drone jammers are generally hand-held, gun-like devices used to prevent illegal drone activities. It doesn’t only detect the invading drone within the range, but also jams its connectivity with its operator. Although many of them might come as hefty setups deployed in high-security institutions, their hand-held versions are available too. They can be highly mobile and look like a gun but are not meant to shoot or cause destruction. Security personnel can point this gun toward the targeted drone and block its communication without destroying it. After the drone is jammed, it can either simply return to its origin or land down.
The working mechanism of drone jammers
Drone jammers are devices that can block drone’s ability to communicate with its operator or GPS satellites. They effectively block out the drone’s network and communication, thus ending any data transmission between the drone and its operator or between the drone and GPS satellites.
How to use drone jammers?
For public safety: It is essential to safeguard life and property during large events, meetings, activities and sports, and drone jammers help to eliminate the threats caused by illegal drones.
For military & defense: Military and defensive establishments predominantly use drone jammers to prevent confidential information from leaking.
For prisons: Just like mobile network jammers, anti-drone jamming systems help prevent transmissions of data or prohibited items between inmates and the outside world.
For oil and gas industries: Oil and gas inventories are no less than treasures! Since these resources are highly valuable, drone jammers are used to block any information leak and provide low-altitude protection for these facilities.
As we know, unauthorized drone use poses a threat to various grounds, such as the military, defense, infrastructure, facilities and the general public. Fortunately, anti-drone solutions like drone jammers have been a boon. From tracking criminal drone presence to preventing them from illegal invasion or illegal data transmission, jammers make a safe and effective approach. In addition, many anti-drone technologies strengthen the country’s security. If you are looking for like jammers, radars, get in touch with a reliable security solutions provider now.
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