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The mobile experience

The application has been written as a Progressive Web App (PWA) to enable a more native mobile app like experience. This has the following benefits:
They are “installable” e.g. they have the convenience of an icon on the device’s home screen (rather than needing to remember and navigate to a URL in a browser), they remember the current user and their data and preferences.
They outperform the browser experience on mobile devices, and are full-screen (no address bar)
They work offline by caching the users data when they have an internet connection so that the app is still usable when the device goes offline or has an unstable connection, i.e. particularly useful in remote locations etc. When the device goes back online, they sync any changes with the server’s database.
They also work on the latest Mac and Windows machines - i.e. OS X now allows PWAs to be installed to the dock alongside normal Mac applications.

How to install Noticing as a PWA


To install Noticing as a PWA on an iOS device, first navigate and log into in a browser.
Then Click the share button and select “Add to Home Screen”
This will show you an options menu with the app icon, name and default url. You can change the app “name” if you wish
Clicking “Add” will add the app to your home screen
Finally, opening the app will ask you to log in again (as this user session is completely independent of any cookies in your browser); you will then see the PWA experience.
Also, please note the Online toggle button which allows the user to opt-in to the offline experience if e.g. their internet connection is present, but unstable and too slow to interact with the AI.


To stop iOS asking your permission to access your microphone every time you want to speak to Noticing, go to Settings > Safari > Micrphone and Allow Microphone Access on all websites.




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