Create a Custom Themes

How to Get Started

Open NotePlan, click on “Preferences”, choose a theme as template and click on “Copy & Customize”:

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This will copy the theme JSON file into NotePlan’s synced folder structure from where you can modify it. Any changes you make on the theme will be automatically synced to all your other devices, including iOS.

You can also import other themes by clicking on “Import Theme...” in the same window.


The theme file contains two major keys: “editor” and “styles”. The “editor” key defines the main colors of NotePlans user interface:

"editor": {
"backgroundColor": "#ffffff", // Base background color
"altBackgroundColor": "#FAFFFF", // Slighlty lighter
"tintColor": "#d87001",
"tintColor2": "#0091f8",
"toolbarBackgroundColor": "#F2F3F5",
"toolbarIconColor": "#444444",
"menuItemColor": "#444444",
"shouldOverwriteFont": true

The “styles” key contains all text styles, like font, text size, color, etc. for the titles, open tasks, closed tasks, quotes, etc.:

"styles": {
"body": {
"font": "AvenirNext-Regular",
"size": 16,
"color": "#333333",
"title1": {
"color": "#000000",
"size": 28
"title2": {
"color": "#000000",
"size": 24

Style Attributes

Following attributes are valid for style keys with example values:

"lineSpacing": 3,
"paragraphSpacing: 8,
"paragraphSpacingBefore: 8,
"color": "#000000",
"backgroundColor": "#FFFFFF",
"size": 24,
"type": "italic",
"underlineStyle": 1,
"underlineColor": "#000000",
"strikethroughStyle": 1,
"strikethroughColor": "#000000"

Strikethrough and underline styles have a thicker line the higher the number you are using for the
attribute. Adding a color is optional.


Colors support ARGB written as hexacode (
). You can omit the A value and write:
to get red for example or
to get transparent red.
is the text color. You can also define
to change the background behind text (as opposed to the whole editor background).

Link Colors


The font of most keys, including the following is overwritten by the app preferences under “Editor”, so that you can change the font and font-size from within the app without having to modify a theme:


You can turn off the overwriting and define your own font by setting following attribute under the “editor” key in a theme file:

"shouldOverwriteFont": false

It’s set to
by default.

Font Names

Custom Fonts on iOS

Bold and Italic

System Fonts


If you want to change the
for the titles, you need to add the attributes to the corresponding
keys instead of

By default the
is different from the
. In most apps these values are the same. If you want to have the same value for both, add them to the
key. Make sure to add it also to the
key which styles anything that is indented.


Tasks and Bullets

Tasks and bullets are styled by the
key. There is no separation, because the preferences determine what a task is and what a bullet is. For example,
* task
is by default a task, but if you turn it off in the preferences, it becomes a bullet and
- task
can be a task or the standard markdown:
- [ ] task

Task States (Open, Scheduled and Canceled)



covers headings with a single pound
# Heading
with two pounds
## Heading 2
covers anything else, from
### Heading 3
and more pounds. There is no support for
or higher.

Building Custom Styles with Regular Expression

Every style is based on a regular expression to detect the text. The regular expressions are stored in a JSON file inside the app bundle, but you can add custom regular expressions to the theme JSON file.

Example 1 → ::highlighting::

Example 2 → !! flagging by importance

Example 3 → ~~Strikethrough~~

Example 4 → ~Underline~

Regular Expression Attributes

Create Links with Regular Expressions

Open Search with Regular Expressions

NotePlan’s Regular Expressions

Resolving Conflicts

Change Existing Styles

Example → #### Heading 4

Example → Different Colors for Done / Canceled / Scheduled

More Ideas


The theme files are written in JSON. If you miss one comma anywhere, it won’t load. The easiest way to reduce such time-wasting errors is to use an editor which supports JSON. For example “Sublime”. It will show you if you have missed anything:


Share your theme

Once you have created your own custom theme, please share it with other users/

→ Share themes
→ Ask questions

🔗 GitHub repo with themes:
→ Download themes
→ Submit themes to the repo with a pull request or reach out on Reddit

⬇️ Full example theme with strikethrough and custom style for ::highlighting::
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