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Web Design Project Checklist

Checklist Key:

= Strategy phase
= Testing phase
= Design phase
= Launch & Monitoring
= Development phase

Define the project scope and goals

Identify the purpose of the website
Define the target audience
Determine the desired outcome
Set measurable goals
Define the timeline and budget

Conduct market research and competitor analysis

Research the target audience and their needs
Analyze competitor websites and their strengths/weaknesses
Identify industry trends and best practices

Determine the target audience and design style

Determine the demographic of the target audience
Choose a design style that appeals to the target audience
Consider brand guidelines and existing design materials

Develop a sitemap and wireframe

Create a hierarchy of the pages and content
Design a basic layout of each page using wireframe tools
Ensure the sitemap and wireframe align with the project goals

Add and optimize website content

Write and edit website content
Add images and videos
Ensure the content is optimized for search engines
Ensure the content is accessible and user-friendly

Create a visual design concept

Create a mood board of colors, fonts, and images
Design the website header and footer
Design key pages and layout templates
Obtain feedback and make revisions

Choose and configure CMS (Content Management System)

Choose a CMS that fits the project requirements
Install and configure the CMS
Create and organize content categories
Ensure the CMS is user-friendly and secure

Develop a responsive design

Ensure the website is optimized for different devices and screen sizes
Test the website on multiple devices and browsers
Make necessary adjustments to ensure a consistent user experience

Integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices

Research and choose relevant keywords
Optimize website content for search engines
Ensure website structure and code follow best practices
Set up and verify Google Search Console

Implement website functionality (e.g. forms, shopping cart, etc.)

Determine and implement the necessary website features
Ensure the functionality is user-friendly and secure
Test the functionality and make necessary adjustments

Test website on various devices and browsers

Conduct thorough testing on multiple devices and browsers
Check for broken links, errors, and compatibility issues
Ensure the website is accessible and user-friendly

Launch website and monitor performance

Publish the website and make it live
Monitor website traffic and user behavior
Continuously evaluate website performance and make improvements

Continuously evaluate and improve website design and functionality

Conduct regular website audits and make necessary updates
Monitor user feedback and make improvements
Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices
Continuously evaluate website performance and make improvements.
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