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Live Stream MGMT Dashboard
Live Stream MGMT Dashboard

Stream Reactions & Values Script

Follows: [Username] thank you for that follow homie and welcome to the dream team!
Sub: Thank you so much for the sub [username]. Welcome to dream team and for supporting the movement!
Re-sub: Wow! Thank you [username] for the ___ Month re-sub. Your commitment to the dream team has not gone unnoticed!
Stars/Bits/Superchat: [username] thank you so much for [bits/stars/superchat] and helping get the lights on here at Dream Team headquarters!
Donation: Thank you [username] for the $___ donation! You’re too generous! All your donations allow us to keep doing what we do and we appreciate you for it!
Host: [username] Thank you for hosting and spreading the word about the Dream Team! It’s SO appreciated!
Raid: Woah nelly!!! Looks like we’ve just been raided! Thank you [username] for the raid and brining your community over to the dream team nation! You’re amazing!
Intro and occasional comment:
Hey everyone! Welcome to the live stream! My name is Dan, but I go by No Code Dan on the net. I’m a content creator, no code builder, and founder. I get things done without coding. This is the way!

Streaming Values

Respect: Show respect for your viewers, guests, and anyone else involved in your livestreams.
Inclusivity: Make sure your content is welcoming and inclusive to all viewers, regardless of their background, identity, or beliefs.
Honesty: Be transparent and honest with your viewers about what you are doing and why you are doing it.
Responsibility: Take responsibility for your actions and the content you produce, and use your platform to promote positive messages and values.
Kindness: Treat others with kindness and compassion, and encourage your viewers to do the same.
Gratitude: Show gratitude towards your viewers, guests, and any other individuals who have helped you along the way.
Empathy: Try to understand the perspectives and experiences of others, and use your platform to promote understanding and empathy.
Creativity: Encourage creativity and originality in your content, and strive to be innovative and unique in your approach.
Education: Use your platform to educate and inform your viewers about important issues or topics.
Community: Foster a sense of community and belonging among your viewers, and encourage them to support and engage with each other.

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