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Live Stream MGMT Dashboard
Live Stream MGMT Dashboard

Live Stream Script


Let your viewers know what they can expect from today’s stream
Hey Friends, Today we’ll be discussing [Topic] and [why it matters to the user: provide value or sheer entertainment].
Example: Hey Friends, Today we’ll be discussing and how you can leverage it to grow your social media channels.


Your intro for the show will go here

Ask For Engagement

Here’s where you include a Call-To-Action for viewers to like, share, or subscribe to your channel.

Updates (With you & your brand since your last stream)

The latest happenings and news for your channel and brand

Today’s Topic (introduction/overview)

A 30 second summary of the topic you will covering on this live stream

Today’s topic (Talking Point #1)

Today’s Topic (Talking Point #2)

Today’s Topic (Talking Point #3)


Thank you’s & Shoutouts

Next time

If you know what you’ll talk about on your next stream and when it is, include that information here so you can let viewers know what to expect on your next show

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