Order creation based on the fill level

W2mo configuration
To create orders based on the fill level estimation, please do the following:
Go in 2D -> Direct Edit -> Layout -> Bins or select preferred bins on the layout, and open in direct edit (on the right mouse click).
Define order process for this bin, which has ‘Pallet target is determined based on’ - 'Target bins for order creation’, + correct ‘AMR pick action type’.
All source and target bins have to be assigned to the same order processǃ
In DE → Navigation define 'AMR to order process compatibility'.
Additionally, configure 'Event threshold empty' either in [m] or in [%]. Order will be created only in case 'Fill level' of the bin will be greater than this threshold. Otherwise, an error in logs appears.
If you want to allow pickup goal reassignment, for pickup bins set ‘Max. number of AMRs allowed for picking’ to 1. Leave empty field if you don’t want pickup goals to be reassigned.
Finally, we should define target areas for these bins. To configure this, please use a table Direct Edit -> Navigation -> 'Target bin for order creation'.
Please note, that for one source area we can define multiple target bins.
In the table 'Bins' for the source bins activate a checkbox 'Create orders if bin is not empty. (MANDATORY)
Stop order creation if bin is not empty - if it is true, a checkbox 'Create order if bin is not empty' becomes false as soon as Fill level < Event threshold empty. It should be reactivated either manually or automatically with 'Maker'. (OPTIONAL → IS USED MAINLY IN HYBRID WORKFLOW)
In 3D Settings activate a checkbox 'Create orders based on the fill level’
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