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running your business operations.


running your business.

We build customized solutions to run your business workflows.

1️⃣ Visual Modelling

In order to create a software solution that perfectly captures your desired workflow, we’ll incorporate your business logic and industry best practices into a graphical representation of your process.

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2️⃣Build Your Solution

We then translate these business requirements into their technical execution. Depending on your needs, we will connect outside data sources to your app (via integrations or webhooks).

3️⃣ Empower

We ensure that the app is not a black-box, but an extensively documented solution. That way, your organization will know how to implement any future changes, and will be easily able to take care of these without any outside input.
We'll conduct this knowledge transfer whichever way you prefer: 1:1s, async video, text documentation, or all of the above.

What our Clients say about us:

Company Representative
Company Location
“Nina implemented a process for our organization-wide Staff Performance Review cycle. What used to be a time-consuming and manual process, is now a smooth, fast and seamless experience! And we're able to review, export and share the data easily because it's all in one place.”
Andrew Kimball
New York City, USA
“Nina completely revamped our distribution partner onboarding process. Now, all steps of the process are codified into one doc, and executed at the push of a button. What used to take me hours, now only takes me a few minutes.”
Vincent Perello
Barcelona, Spain
“Nina is extremely dedicated and professional with excellent Coda skills. Nina knows just how to analyze a process, model it, and turn it into a app that’s a perfect fit for the process.”
Max Xyzor
Dublin, Ireland
"We had a company-wide process that we wished to implement, but weren’t sure which service to use for this. Nina set up the process with its basic functionality in Coda within one day. As more team members started using the doc, Nina added additional workflows to the doc. Nina provided us with the documentation needed to make any future changes ourselves.”
Lindsay Molsen
New York City, USA
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About Ledid

Portrait_Nina Kastenauer_Founder Ledid.jpg

Founded by Nina Kastenauer
Headquartered in Austria, Europe
Powered by Digital Nomads across the globe.
We bring together a diverse network of business professionals. Through our project work for clients, we discovered as our tool of choice. In fact, it allowed us to fully hone the "one single interface" concept. Now, for 95% of our clients project, Coda is the tool that fulfills our clients' needs best.

Let's Connect

We'd love to learn which business problem you are interested in solving and to share our perspective on it. All initial calls will be scheduled directly with Ledid's founder, Nina Kastenauer. All calls are free of charge and completely non-binding.

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