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Meet Coda 馃憢
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I'm as powerful as an app.

Transform your doc into an effective, easy-to-use tool with buttons and formulas.

Buttons that talk to tables.

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What does Coda mean?
This wikipedia article looks promising: -
@Alan Chowansky
No, it鈥檚 actually the way
Buck Dubois
We鈥檙e planning our first remote offsite. How should we do this?
This is a good one for us to discuss at our next weekly team meeting.
Lola Tseudonym
Why do documents and spreadsheets still run the world?
Mary Jones
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Build (almost) anything with formulas.

You can think of them as the connective tissue between building blocks in Coda. While you don鈥檛 need to use formulas to use Coda, if you do, your doc can be as powerful as an app. Any app.
Build a time-saving doc your team will love using .
Imagine cutting your next meeting in half with instant feedback.
Thanks for the kudos, SiNing Chan! 馃帀 Use buttons like this to get instant feedback from your team.

Integrate your team鈥檚 favorite tools with Packs.

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