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Flux Pilot Program

Join our Flux Copilot Pilot Program and be at the forefront of AI-driven hardware design.

The Program

Are you ready to revolutionize your hardware design process? Join our Flux Copilot Pilot Program and learn how to leverage AI in your hardware development workflow. This 3-month collaboration is an exclusive opportunity for 15-20 select hardware teams to directly influence and benefit from a bespoke version of our innovative AI tool, Flux Copilot.
Work alongside our experts to tailor Copilot to your unique design processes and project needs. This is a unique chance to integrate cutting-edge AI technology into your workflow, enhancing efficiency and precision in your hardware development.

Why Join?

You'll gain firsthand experience in implementing AI in hardware design, with a focus on practical, real-world applications. Expect to streamline your design reviews, enhance junior staff training, and significantly reduce development time and costs. Your contribution and feedback will shape the future of Flux Copilot, ensuring it meets the evolving demands of the industry. As a pilot participant, you'll receive priority access to the customized tool and continued support from our team, ensuring your hardware projects stay ahead of the curve.


Our program is divided into five key phases: Kickoff and Assessment, Customization and Development, Implementation and Training, Evaluation and Feedback, and Final Review and Future Planning.
Weeks 1-2: Kickoff and Assessment
Initial meetings with each team to understand their specific needs, challenges, and goals.
Review of current tools and processes.
Finalizing the project scope for the pilot.
Weeks 3-4: Customization and Development:
Tailoring the Flux Copilot features to fit each team's requirements.
Regular check-ins and progress updates.
Early stage testing and feedback collection.
Weeks 5-8: Implementation and Training:
Deployment of the customized version of Copilot.
Training sessions for team members on utilizing the new features effectively.
Weeks 9-10: Evaluation and Feedback:
Collecting detailed feedback on the tool's performance and impact.
Making necessary adjustments based on feedback.
Evaluating the tool’s effectiveness in real-world projects.
Weeks 11-12: Final Review and Future Planning:
Comprehensive review of the pilot outcomes with each team.
Discussing long-term plans and potential for further customization.
Option to continue with the customized Copilot at the agreed rate.


AI-Optimized workflows for your company.
Customized version of Flux Copilot tailored to your team's specific needs.
AI training for your team.


Engagement & communication

Minimum commitment from 1 PCB designer and 1 team lead or manager.
Minimum commitment for 1hr meeting every week from at least 1 core team member.
You will join a private Slack channel with participating team members.


We can help you select a project for the program, or you can bring your own.
Selected project needs to be able to be designed within 10 weeks.


Hungry to learn a new tool.
Excited about AI in hardware design.
Able to move quickly.

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