Minimalistic example

Create a character in your scene
Add a pawn component to it
Add a caster feature to the pawn
Create an ability in your project
Set a targeting strategy - Set to cast on self
Set an activation strategy - Set to Single activation
Create a reactive gesture in the project - assign it to the activation
Add an animation to the gesture - e.g. Action_JumpAir
Add an animation activation to it (adjust the timing as you wish) Note: a preview appears in the center of the scene
Optional Requirements allows to add conditions and costs
Optional Filters allows to filter targets that are captured by the targeting strategy
Add effect, this is what will be executed on each final target - Add a debug message to get feedback in the console
Create a GC2 Action in your scene
Add a cast ability instruction: Ability/Cast
Select the player as source and the new ability
Press play on the action at runtime : the ability will play
Expected result: Player will play the animation, and apply the effects on itself (in this case simply writing a log in the console with the target’s name (itself)) at the timing specified in the reactive gesture

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