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Nick Giglio - Resume Doc - Coda DOCtorate Application
Nick Giglio

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About Me

🗺️ Where I’m from

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and worked in the construction management space before moving into Medical Devices. I recently got my MBA in Boston and quickly moved back south to avoid the cold.

🎢 What I like to do

I’m a former rugby player turned woodworker. I am a jock/nerd at heart and am always trying to learn something new or pick up a new hobby.

❇️ How I learn

I’m very easy in this regard. I always have a podcast running in my headphones at the gym and just like to poke at things until they make sense which is great with CODA.

🙋 Why I’m here

I am a big proponent of “Make it easier to do things the right way than the wrong way” and I think I am often able to make this happen with CODA. I’d like to get better with the workflow creation to speed that behavior up and minimize double entry further

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