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What is Paytomorrow?

Paytomorrow is a Buy Now Pay Later method for US based B2C product businesses and their US customers.
This means that an end customer can buy a product today using financing from Paytomorrow and pay for that product over a number of months (spreading the cost of the purchase).
The product on sale must be a physical good and total basket must be over $300 to use Paytomorrow.
The merchant business gets the money almost immediately once the ‘payment’ has been processed.

What’s unique about Paytomorrow

Unlike most BNPL providers Paytomorrow offers financing to three different groups of customer:
Prime (most credit worthy)
Sub-Prime (most risky from a credit perspective for whatever reason)
What this means is that the merchant is able to sell to customers who would normally get rejected by other financing partners, therefore increasing their sales conversion. End customers may get rejected by other providers simply because they do not have a standard credit history.
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Fees range from 2%-5% depending on various factors for the merchant. The end customer will be shown their financing rates via the checkout process.

How to connect Paytomorrow

Once onboarded with Paytomorrow Merchant sellers can enable the payment method via the Shuttle Setup Component (just like any other gateway). It will will then be added to the checkout forms on the site.
To connect the merchant will need:
API Signature
We recommend enabling the price estimator

How to get the best out of Paytomorrow on the website

Software vendors can help their merchants by ensuring that sellers have the following setup:
The Paytomorrow Monthly Price Estimator (MPE) for every product listing, this will display an estimate to the end customer for the monthly fee that they could pay if they bought this product. This helps drive sales.
Create a ‘Financing’ info page using the HTML , this will help end customers understand the offer and convert more quickly without having to go off-site.

Using Paytomorrow in your software

Everyone’s software administration is different, we recommend that you create clear information for your merchants on how connect and use Paytomorrow especially when it comes to receiving the money for sales, which is called ‘Settle’ payments.
Merchants should be advised not to ship goods until they have confirmed that they have settled the payment and the payment is confirmed by Paytomorrow. This can be checked in the Paytomorrow dashboard.

Referral process

For any new customer/prospect who want to use Paytomorrow our software vendor partners must submit this new customer via Shuttle, either using email, Slack or in the (corresponding image below).
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Sales contact

Nicholas Kuhlman -

Partnership contact

Tony Amitrano -
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