Introduction to Neptune Mutual

Decentralized Autonomous Cover Organization
At Neptune Mutual, we aim to build the first generation DACO, a fully . From purchasing cover from a pool, reporting an incident, dispute resolution, to claims payout, everything is fully transparent and decentralized.
Neptune Mutual provides you with guaranteed stablecoin liquidity to reduce your risk exposure by hedging against possible capital risks and smart contract vulnerabilities.

NEP Token Use Cases

Neptune Mutual platform uses NEP token for both and utility purposes.
Use NEP to stake and create cover contracts or markets
Burn NEP to create contracts and markets
Use NEP to vote in the governance of the platform’s future
Lock NEP to provide liquidity, secure the protocol, and yield additional rewards
Hold NEP in your wallet to purchase and claim coverage
Foreign assets farmed under NEP pool will be used to purchase NEPs which will then be burned
[Overridable, Governance] Creating a new coverage contract requires you to burn 1000 NEP tokens. Coverage creators will earn a small portion of the coverage fees collected in BUSD or BNB.
[Overridable, Governance] 4000 NEP tokens must be staked when creating a coverage pool. The higher your stake, the more visibility your coverage will get in the market.
[Overridable, Governance] Coverage pools are available in BUSD. We deduct 6.5% of the coverage fee or coverage claim in BUSD or BNB. The acquired BUSD will be used to purchase NEP tokens in the PancakeSwap exchange and then immediately burned in a single transaction.
[Overridable, Governance] Providing liquidity to a coverage pool requires you to stake 250 NEP or higher
[Overridable, Governance] During dispute resolution (governance), the NEP tokens of the minority is burned


B03-Bond Release.png
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Stay Tuned for Latest Updates

Official Website
Neptune Mutual Token (NEP)

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