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How to Use the BiS Bot (v1)

Welcome to the official guide on utilizing BiS Bot, which enables your community to aggregate sales from all marketplaces directly in your Discord server.

1. Inviting the Bot

Begin by inviting BiS Bot to your Discord server using the , and connect it to your account. Keep in mind that you can only add the bot to a server that you have admin permissions in.
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2. Giving Permissions

If you encounter any hiccups, it might be due to permission issues. So please make sure you’ve authorized BiS Bot to send messages, embed links, and use application commands.
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🛑Safety First. Ensure the bot is verified by looking for the verified checkmark next to its name like this:

3. Setting up a channel for collection sales:

Create a dedicated channel, for instance, "sales".
Then type in the following command: /add_sale_channel
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Find your collection slug on . It's the last part of your collection's URL. You can use terms such as "sub1k", "sub10k", "sub100k", "sub500k", "sub1m", "all", and "sats" instead for a broader view of trade data.
The [min_usd_amount] is optional and can be set to display sales above a specific value.

4. Setting up a channel for BRC-20 sales:

Enter the command: /add_brc20_sale_channel
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Using "all" for the ticker will display all BRC-20 sales. Keep in mind that for now, you can only use one ticker or collection per channel. This will change along with more community features we’ll introduce in the future.

5. Populating with previous sales:

Enter the command: /send_latest_sales
Choose a number between 1 and 100. This command bypasses the [min_usd_amount] setting.

6. Changing the collection or BRC-20 ticker:

Enter the command: /update_sale_channel or /update_sale_channel_to_brc20
In addition to switching between two collections (ex: omb to bitcoin-frogs) or BRC-20 tickers (ex: ordi to OXBT), you can also switch from a collection to a BRC-20 ticker (bitcoin-frogs to OXBT) and vice versa.


We're always refining the BiS Bot to cater to your needs. Feel free to create a ticket in with your requests. May your channels be filled with fat sales!


Why can’t I see my collection?
We gather data from multiple marketplaces, including Magic Eden. While we update collection data from ME daily, we don't do so in real-time. If your collection was launched on the same day you intend to add the bot, there might be a waiting period of up to 24 hours before our system recognizes it.
Can I display more than one collection/ticker?
For now, you can only show 1 collection or ticker in one channel. Feel free to open up as many channels as you want though!
Why doesn't the bot work / give an error?
%95 of the time it’s a permission issue, please check step 2.

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