Convert Image Data into Excel: Top 7 Image to Excel Converters for Better Selection

You can find that typically information resides in various formats that includes images containing charts or tables. Manually copying (storing) this data into MS Excel spreadsheets can be a daunting or time-taking task and even prone to errors. This is where an image to excel converters comes to the rescue. The online converters and even the software leverages OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for extracting text and tabular information from images and transform all into actionable MS Excel format.
In this informative blog post, we are going to list some best jpg to excel converters, also mentioning their valuable insights that help in selecting perfect converters according to your needs. No matter whether you are going to proceed with simple screenshots or complex scanned documents, these tools will streamline your data extraction and even assist in analysis processes.

What to Consider When Choosing an Image-to-Excel Converter

These are some key factors that you should need to consider prior to choose an image to excel conversion tool:
Accuracy: How effectively does the jpg to excel converter extract data from images?
Supported File Formats: Can it be capable to handle your specific image file formats such as jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, tiff, heic, and more?
Output Format: Does the photo to excel converter transform the data into editable Excel files (e.g., XLS or XLSX)?
Table Detection: Can a tool automatically identify and make data extraction data from tables embedded within the image?
Advanced Features: Does it offer additional valuable functionalities such as layout preservation and multi-column extraction?
Ease of Use: Is the user interface intuitive and easy to navigate?
Free vs. Paid: Does the image to excel converter provides you with a free plan or require a paid subscription?
Security: If uploading the files with sensitive data, ensure the tool utilizes secure servers and protocols for security concerns.
For the straight-forward and instant spreadsheet conversion, it's best to head to that offers a free converter to process OCR-based text extraction.

Top 7 Image-to-Excel Converters (Reviews)


Free and easy to navigate online converter that allows you to convert jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, and other image formats into MS XLSX spreadsheet format.
Simple and Free: Clear interface for basic image-to-Excel transformation.
Supported Formats: Accepts JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and more common image formats.
Output Format: Generates up-to-dated latest MS Excel XLSX files.
Limited Features: come with basic functionality, no advanced options available including table detection or layout preservation
Accuracy: the accuracy of the converted file may vary with complex images or layouts


A completely free online file conversion source that provided jpg to excel converter to make conversion from different image formats.
Free and Versatile: Free image to excel converter that is capable of handling various conversions, including photo-to-xlsx.
Multiple Formats: lets you proceed with a wide array of image types including jpg, bmp, png, tiff, and more.
Advanced OCR: perform conversions with advanced OCR-based technology to make images to excel conversions.
Limited Features: focuses on basic file conversion needs, lacking with advanced table detection as well as layout preservation.
Accuracy: lack of accuracy while dealing with complex layouts


Mainly designed to extract data from images and store it all into editable text format, the conversion is performed by using an advanced OCR process. It also comes with jpg to excel converter online to export image text as excel xlsx spreadsheet format.
Business Card Focus: mainly designed to extract data from business cards, perfect utility for CRM and networking integration.
Accuracy: emphasizes high accuracy in data extraction from images as well as business cards.
Multiple Languages: multilingual data extraction
Ads: Free OCR tools loaded with ads, need to go with a pro plan in order to get rid of them.
Free Trial: Offers a limited file transformation in free trial, requiring a subscription model for extended usage.


Indicated as the AI-powered tool that works best for complex image data extraction. It provides you with customizable feature for specific layouts, and even perfect choice for high volume processing. The upside is that it comes with learning curve for custom models and even comes with a complex pricing structure.
AI-Powered Processing: Leverages advanced AI-based transformation for accurate extraction of data from complex images.
Customization: loaded with options for training custom models that work for specific data types or layouts.
High-Volume Processing: versatile choice to handle large batches of images for data extraction.
Pricing: the given pricing structure can be complex for casual users, even though it is a bit expensive for high-volume processing.
Learning Curve: when it comes to training custom models, they may require technical expertise.


Although this web-source is mainly designed to handle PDF document conversions, it still offers the best version of online image to excel converter. It offers basic image to excel spreadsheet transformation, and is limited in advanced functionalities like table detection.
Free and User-Friendly: free utility that loaded with simple UI and lets you process quick and basic image to excel conversion
Multiple Features: Offers various functionalities including image rotation and cropping prior to making conversion.
Security: Emphasizes secure file transformation on their servers.
Limited Features: Limited in advanced options that include layout preservation or table detection.
Accuracy: When it comes to complex images or tables, the accuracy may be lower as compared to AI-powered tools.


This source is loaded with a dedicated picture to excel converter that lets you turn jpg, png, bmp, into excel (xlsx, csv) conversion, potentially providing you with better accuracy. It comes with a limited free trial, for further conversion and extended features, it requires subscription.
Dedicated Converter: specifically best for making image-to-Excel conversion, potentially comes with better accuracy as compared to general counterparts.
Supported Formats: allow you to proceed with various image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF.
Various Export formats: entertain you with different options for setting output format such as (XLSX, CSV) and table detection.
Limited Free Trial: when it comes to free trial, it is packed with some limitations on file size and number of conversions.
Pricing: Subscription/Pro plans required for regular use.
Security: limited data corresponding to the data security practices.


This is another online source that comes with jpg to excel converter for making instant and straight-forward conversions.
Cloud-Based Solution: provides you with cloud-based image-to-Excel conversion that comes with scalability and accessibility.
Advanced Features: entertains with robust functionalities such as layout preservation, table detection,, and multi-page PDF processing.
API Integration: offers legit integration with certain applications using the API for the ease of automated data extraction workflows.
Pricing Model: its pricing structure entirely depends on the API calls and processing volume, this may require proper evaluation for cost-effectiveness.
Technical Expertise: When it comes to API integration may require some programming knowledge for advanced users.


Choosing the perfect image to excel conversion tool mainly based on the user needs along with priorities. For the basic image into excel transformation with straight-forward layouts, free online converters such as jpgtoexcel or theonlineconverter that we already mentioned-above might suffice. However, for the advanced functionalities such as layout preservation, table detection, or high volume processing, you should have to proceed with Nanonets or Aspose. Good Luck!
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