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MacPaw_Test Task

Anastasiia Luhova. Middle SMM Specialist

1. Campaign: Fixel font international release

Context: MacPaw is announcing new fonts inspired by one of our office cats, Fixel (find this guy on our socials). The name of the font also matches with our furry teammate’s.
Here are a few examples of our communication/external releases in Ukraine on Fixel font
Now, we need to present the font in an exciting way on our corporate social media accounts, as well as in press releases. To create a cohesive post, you need to:
Find visual references for our designers – to help them better understand your idea, show us some examples that explain your creative concept for social media;
Idea 1.
The visual should highlight the font's versatility and playful vibe using an animated video format (like on the Fixel ), and also feature the MacPaw logo and cat-related stickers. Resolution: 1080*1080px.
Idea 2.
A static image with a greeting message, add cat-related stickers.
variant A variant B
Frame 2.png
Frame 2.png
Idea 3.
Show each feature of the font with a separate photo of Fixel the cat to make the post/reels more fun and shareable.
Ideally, it would be great to brainstorm ideas with the team to get a wider range of perspectives and insights :)
Write down the main things that need to be mentioned in the copy for the post – how do we make users understand what’s special about these fonts?
The main things that need to be mentioned in the copy:
Fixel is a unique font by MacPaw
it is a variable grotesque font with a human touch
inspired by our furry teammate, the office cat Fixel🐱
it was created in collaboration with Ukrainian designers from AlphaBravo studio
you can use Fixel for everything from social media graphics to product packaging and beyond.
speaks 40 languages (multilingual)
Fixel is free. CTA - Download via website
Find more examples of works featuring Fixel by following #MacPaw_Fixel / show off your work
The post should use playful and friendly tone (and maybe cat-related puns if it's allowed by Voice & Tone).
Attention, humans! We have some pawsome news to share with you today! 🐾
Say hello to Fixel, the unique variable grotesque MacPaw font inspired by our office resident mischief-maker, Fixel the cat! 🐱 and created in collaboration with Ukrainian designers from AlphaBravo studio!
This font is multilingual and ready to take on any project you have in mind - from social media graphics to product packaging and beyond. Purr-fect for headlines, body text, or anything in between!
And the best part? Fixel is absolutely FREE! 🎉
Just head over to our website to download it. And don't forget to show off your work featuring Fixel with #MacPaw_Fixel.
Select the best social media platforms to distribute your announcement posts – is this a good fit for LinkedIn? And what about Reddit?
Instagram is a great platform to showcase the Fixel font visually and engage with the web designers' community. I'd like to create a series of content in different formats, such as carousel post, reels.
MacPaw can leverage LinkedIn to promote the Fixel font and increase brand awareness among businesses, designers, art directors, or draw the attention of media workers. It's also a good place for posting PR publications from the media.
As an idea, we could join LinkedIn groups related to graphic design, typography, and branding to share news about the Fixel font and interact with group members to build relationships and increase awareness.
In addition, we should consider that the followers of MacPaw's LinkedIn page are already aware of the Fixel font's launch to the Ukrainian audience. Therefore, we need to think about new visual communication to ensure that it is interesting for both the English-speaking and Ukrainian communities.
Reddit could be a good platform to reach a niche and local audience who are passionate about design and typography.
Dribbble is a good place to showcase the Fixel font and increase its popularity among the web designers' community, and drive traffic to the site.
Pinterest. Designers and creators, who are often Apple users, use Pinterest for inspiration. Creating a Pinterest board dedicated to the Fixel font and font-inspired visual content could be useful for increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your website.
I think your idea to collaborate with the Projector Institute for a contest that encourages Ukrainian designers to use the Fixel font and promote Ukrainian poetry is great. I have a similar idea to run an environmental awareness design contest for the US and Europe campaign. We can ask designers to use the Fixel font to create designs that promote sustainable practices and educate the public about protecting the planet.

2. General & analytics: MacPaw global brand

MacPaw pages, where we communicate in English with an international audience, are present on several social media platforms. Which in your opinion are the most important to focus on, and which new platforms do you think we might want to adopt?
To focus on:
Youtube (MacPaw has an amazing MacPaw Tech channel for Ukraine, it would be great to develop @MacPawCompany channel to befriend people with technology in English speaking Youtube)
TikTok (I think we have to keep experimenting with it)
MacPaw could adopt such platforms as:
Pinterest: One segment of MacPaw's target audience is Mac users who work in creative fields like design, photography, and video editing. MacPaw could use Pinterest to share tips on creative workflows and infographics, like , which can generate traffic to the blog and product pages. Additionally, the design assets of MacPaw as they are can serve as inspiration for other designers who may pin and share them through Pinterest.
Meetup: Although I have no experience with this platform, it could be interesting for MacPaw to explore and experiment with. By participating in relevant groups and discussions or hosting (online?) events, it could be a way to reach the tech community in the US, particularly in Boston.
One of our top objectives is increasing brand awareness. What metrics that contribute to this goal in terms of SMM do you need to track?
Website traffic
Follower growth
On that topic, what do you believe is the best way to generate traffic to MacPaw website through social media? The end goal would be visiting our About us page and product pages (ideally with the intent to purchase)
Keep create awesome content with CTA
Run paid social media ads and promote posts
Influencer marketing
Proactively engage in conversations on Twitter
Youtube video marketing
What tools would you utilize in order to gain the most reach for the brand on social media? Paid or organic – it doesn’t matter.
Social media ads
Partnership with influencers and other brands
Hashtags and trends
Brand consistency and engaging/sharable content
What segment of our possible target audience do you believe we should reach out to more, that we haven’t yet? Remember: these pages are all about our customers, product users and international media.
Speaking of target audience segments that you could pay more attention to, I can assume the following:
Creative professionals: By creating fun content using industry-specific language and addressing creatives' struggles and pains, you could attract more of this target audience.
Environmentally conscious users: MacPaw could highlight the eco-friendly aspects of its products more and explain how they help users extend their device's lifespan, reduce electronic waste, and optimize energy efficiency.
International media: MacPaw could actively engage with tech journalists on Twitter, for example. This would help build connections with media, attract new audiences, and increase brand awareness.

3. Company-wide goal contribution: cybersec

We often feature new ‘specials’ or rubrics that contribute to our brand-wide goals. In this case, the topic of conversation is showcasing our cybersecurity expertise. Here are some examples
By ‘reverse-engineering’ some of our recurring formats, give us a suggestion for new rubrics/series of posts that would fit our MacPaw social media pages and help us communicate how we contribute to the cybersecurity community.
1. Cybersecurity checkup with MacPaw
A series of short, informative posts/reels that offer tips and tricks for staying safe online (strong passwords, secure home network, protecting personal data).
2. Cybersecurity news roundup. You could highlight the latest cybersecurity news, and share MacPaw expert comments.
3. Cybersecurity mythbusters. You could debunk myths and offer the real facts.

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