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Everything you need to know about EY + Deloitte Interviews

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🚨 Interview Process

This is a quick timeline! It’s VERY important that you check email frequently, ask any questions, and remain responsive to ensure we adhere to the below timelines, even with a holiday week.
Selection + Application
Runs Through December 2nd
Companies are making Apprentice Selections now
Check your emails carefully throughout the next week
If you are selected you will receive an email from Deloitte, EY or perhaps both companies.
If selected to apply for both, CONGRATS, you’ll learn a lot. Be sure to apply to each company.
You will need to apply directly to the companies the application email that you receive.
Each application process will be slightly different, Deloitte’s will include an aptitude test
Following your application, the companies will be in contact to schedule interviews
Each company will host an info session as part of the interview process
Virtual Information Sessions - December 9th
EY: December 9th (11am - 12pm ET) - post interviews
Deloitte: December 9th (2pm - 2:30pm ET) - pre interviews
Virtual Interviews December 7th - December 13th
EY: December 7th - 8th
Two rounds, one behavioral and one case question
Deloitte: December 13th
One interview round with critical thinking + behavioral questions


Interviewing Resources

Be sure to also take advantage of the rich resources within each Case Prep challenge on the Platform!
Click arrow to expand. Recording links shared in slack + email the day after events!

Community Guidelines strives to keep our community a positive and safe space that can be enjoyed by all, and we ask every member of this community to be respectful of this space and of one another at all times. Please keep in mind the following:
Our mission
To ensure that every candidate is seen for their intrinsic potential and the unique value they’ll bring to their career, building better businesses of the future.
❤️ Our values
Everything else falls under our simple golden rule: Be kind!
Only radical respect for differences of opinion is welcome
This is a safe space to learn and make mistakes, and it’s a perfect opportunity to practice professionalism and start to shape your great reputation among peers and mentors
Have a positive attitude and growth mindset as a Learner!
Pro tip: Learners stand out who strive to be helpful and encouraging to those who ask questions.
Use appropriate channels in Slack - direct message (DM) a teammate directly if you have a specific question, raise a team-related question in your team channel, or use public channels if you have a question for anyone to answer.

When in doubt or when experiencing any issues with other community members, please reach out to a team member who can help support you in problem-solving. Contact: , or

Supporting Resources

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