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GPT-Plus Pack Document
Pack Document: GPT-Plus

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Terms of Service

Use of this pack requires compliance with OpenAI’s rules about the usage of GPT-3. Violent, pornographic and illegal search terms will not return meaningful answers, and may flag your account for scrutiny and security follow-up.
The GPT-Plus pack contains powerful tools that can be accidentally exploited in accidental and malicious ways. It’s important to track which user is submitting which query so that there is a chain of evidence in case of abuse.
This pack is provided as-is at the current price, and the author intends to expand it over time to include more generally useful features.
Use of this pack to advance the cause of fascism is strictly prohibited. If you’re not very aware of what you’re doing please ask a diverse range of minorities to help you write your prompts or you might end up accidentally generating some things you’d rather not.
Members of the Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Energy, Military and General Klept sectors may not use this product. Anyone working in support of behavioralist interventions (BCBAs, researchers, etf) may not use this product.
This is really cool, use it to make cool stuff that lifts other people up please.

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