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Morsell x Alt Sprints - Scoping Kickoff

Lock call flow

Helps us build out how the content of calls and actions leading from it
Information required:
Flow of conversation (Exact directions)
Business goals and current performance to track success of AI bot
Data required from call receiver (e.g. email, interested / not interested, etc.)
Actions (performed along with call, e.g. send an email or sms)
Unstructured (context to answer user’s question, e.g. company information, need word documents or pdfs)
Structured (FAQs in a sheet format)

Lock Product Flow and Design

We have started working on this internally, our target is to review it on Wednesday and lock design by Friday.
Please provide a sample sheet with leads.
Provide any specific design guidelines and domain name. We can pick design guidelines ourselves if that is your preference.

Relevant account creation

In order for you to retain ownership we’re building out the product using your accounts.
For Google Cloud Platform, create account
For Twilio, create account
For Kixie, create account
For Google Dialogue Flow CX (we will do this ourselves from GCP account)
For, create account
(this will required at the time of handover)
Access to domain.
Access to Postmark. Create account
Project kickoff invoice 25% (Let us know where to send this invoice)

Move forward with exact clarity

We need to close the above mentioned items to be able to move forward with exact clarity and meet our timelines. So it is essential we close all these steps within this week.
Please note that our team will jump on a call whenever required to assist you with call flow creation, accounts setup or any other thing.
There might be small changes to this document as we evolve the scoping doc this week.

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