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Mission and Vision

The trades are rife with issues that lead to negative outcomes for pros and customers alike. We intend to offer solutions that address these issues and make small-scale trade work more fair, pleasant, and efficient.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:
foster a healthy trade services industry
that provides a superior experience to customers
and a good quality of life to trade pros

We’re going to address the structural issues that lead to poor trade project outcomes. We will accomplish this by empowering and educating trade workers and their customers, and serving as a trusted intermediary for their transactions.
We will:
provide trade pros with affordable marketing, sales, and back-office solutions so that they can worry less about running their business and focus more on delivering an excellent product.
provide customers with a superior customer and project experience, reasonable and transparent pricing, and the education and support they need to feel reassured in their decisions.
serve as the Trust Layer, or trusted broker, that connects and coordinates prospective customers and trade pros. We’ll manage due diligence and hold all parties accountable so that folks act in good faith and drive towards a healthy, productive, and high quality project outcome.

Our Vision

We hope to bring about a future where:
Trade specialists are supported. They have back-office resources, accessible training, affordable benefits like healthcare and retirement plans, and consistent, predictable work that enables them to provide upward mobility to their families.
Customers are delighted. They are communicated to promptly, comforted throughout what for many is a challenging and emotional process, and receive quality work at a reasonable price.
And all parties are treated kindly, fairly, and with gratitude.

As a result of our innovations, we hope that:
Customer demand grows because projects are quicker, cheaper, and easier.
Pros know that they have steady work, so they make better decisions.
Pros have support that they can lean on to be and do better. has a national demand and supply footprint, and can leverage it to bring about continuous innovation.

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