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Full-Stack Web Developer helps trade professionals (general contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.) start, run, and grow their businesses. --- Job details: We're hiring full-stack web developers to join our product team. In this role, you'll build new features for existing products and help build new entirely new products from the ground up. Projects you could potentially work on include: - Improving our website, brand, and reputation management services - Building new project scheduling, management, and invoicing services - Integrating with 3rd parties like Facebook, Google, Yelp, WhatsApp, and more - Building out our e-commerce, telephony, and sales-as-a-service offerings You can learn about our other products and services on our website: --- Our ideal candidate: You should feel very comfortable accomplishing any of these tasks: - Spin up a MERN app on AWS from scratch, then put it behind a load balancer and CDN with SSL certificates. - Given a REST or GraphQL endpoint, create a web page using with infinite scroll. - Using Serverless, create an AWS Lambda that sends a Slack message whenever it receives a webhook. We feel strongly that our ideal candidate have the following: Web Development Fundamentals: - Minimum: HTML, JavaScript, Responsive CSS - Preferred: TypeScript, Sass, TailwindCSS, ESLint JavaScript Stack: - Minimum: React, NodeJS, Express - Preferred: Redux, Gatsby Testing: - Minimum: Unit Tests, Functional Tests, Integration Tests - Preferred: E2E Tests, Automated Tests, Selenium, Cypress Basic DevOps: - Minimum: Bash, Git, Npm, CI/CD - Preferred: Yarn Berry, Nx, Monorepos, Serverless, Docker, AWS, Webpack Internet Architecture: - Minimum: HTTP, HTTPS, REST, IMAP - Preferred: GraphQL, DNS, load balancing, caching, JWT or OAuth Databases: - Minimum: NoSQL (MongoDB or DynamoDB) - Preferred: SQL (Postgres or MYSQL), Redis or Memcached, LocalStorage Other: - Chrome Web Tools, Postman, Zeplin, Storybook, Python, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, iRedMail, Twilio, Mobile Development, Google Maps APIs And while not required, we also like to see the following: - Thinks about the customer and the user experience interacting with our apps - Can take a mobile-first responsive approach to front-end development - Familiar with SEO and the benefits of static website generation - Has worked on teams with devops processes for pull requests, code reviews, etc. --- Personal requirements include: - You should be fluent in English or Spanish. We also have a strong preference for bilingual applicants. - You have strong written communication skills, and are comfortable chatting on video calls. - You’re work well in a remote team environment. You take initiative as needed and coordinate with your colleagues to meet team deadlines. - You enjoy facing new challenges and solving new problems. You’re able to make a plan for yourself and follow it to get to the solution. - You’re kind, patient, and compassionate, and like to do good work and work with good people. ー Interested? Send your resume, your LinkedIn, or your Github to


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