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RP is all about having fun, but as the player of a King, there are certain things I have to do to make sure the story keeps rolling smoothly. So, to make sure I'm doing a good job at jumping from one scene to another and covering all the necessary bases, I've made this tool to keep track of my time and let you all know what's going on without having to plan appointments way ahead.


Appointments: I'm not going to do appointments anymore, unless there's really no other choice or when someone's time zone doesn't match mine. Appointments make the whole thing feel like a job and limit me from reaching out to people who may not even ask for a meet-up. Ultimately, I’d like to reach as many people as I possibly can, and constant appointments detract from that.

Free Day: I'm around and ready to RP. Just keep in mind, I'll choose whichever scene is most urgent or whoever messages me first. For reference, my available hours range from 10 AM SLT - 5 AM SLT on weekdays.
Personal Day: Days with this mark are reserved for personal RP, scenes I’ve been protracting, RL stuff, event hosting, or just a chill day. Please don’t reach out to me for RP on these days unless I come to you. In practice most of the days marked in red will still be used for Crown business, but I’d like to have the leeway to do them on my own terms.
Personal Day
Personal Day
Personal Day
Free Day
Free Day

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