An AI-powered Agile Transformation Platform​

ScaleSwift streamlines the entire agile transformation using AI, data integrity and automations to drastically increase the probability of success while reducing the cost of the entire transformation by up to 60%. ​​

Value Proposition Statement​

For organizations who are in the journey of lean and agile transformation​​

Who are dissatisfied with the pain of uncertainty, ambiguity, dependency and transparency in the typical transformation journey.​

Our solution is ScaleSwift, an AI-powered agile transformation platform that lets organizations take charge of their transformation.​​

By providing data integrity, automating all the redundant work, outcome focused AI assistance and ensuring engagement for everyone in the chain.​​

Unlike the current way of working in which most of the work handled is manual, error-prone and biased with a lack of transparency in the system and too much dependency on the coach.​

MVP Feature List

Organization Set-up​
Inbuilt OKR – build, track and manage trans. objectives​
Building the Transformation Plan​
Select, Assign and Track Assessment​
Analytics and Dashboards​
Engagement/User Experience​

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