What is a Static Pass Box? Pass Box Types & Key Features

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The pass box is a system that is commonly used in cleanrooms to reduce contamination.
are extremely important when it comes to material transfer from one area to another. They help to prevent cross-contamination among two main areas, thus also safeguarding the integrity of cleanroom systems. Pass boxes are made of stainless steel (SS304, SS316, or SS316L).
If there are any particles on the surface of the product is been transferred, they get cleared away during the procedure. it is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries microbiology laboratories.
There are two main sorts of pass boxes.

Static Pass Box:

These boxes are used to move material among two clean rooms with least or no human involvement.
The static box includes an electromagnetic ignition between the sliding gates, and an LED light indicates when any door is open. It is also called a passive pass box and is primarily used for simple, quick transfers of products classified as Air.
When no ventilation is required, static pass boxes are ideal for moving non-sensitive products.

Dynamic Pass Box:

This box is used to transport material from a non-controlled to a controlled environment.
They are also known as Active Pass Boxes and are outfitted with UV lighting. A dynamic pass box functions similarly to an airlock or laminar airflow unit. Clean air enters the pass box, necessary to regulate from entering.
Innovative Inc is a conspicuous pass box producer offers Static and utilized in Pharmaceutical to move Material and assists with keeping up class between to territory. It is between two distinct zones.

Key Features of Static Pass Box

Strong construction and long life
Hinges and door handle are made of stainless steel 304.
System of Electro Magnetic Interlocking
Double Walled Construction
Construction that is chemically stable
Completely unique design
Noise and vibration levels are limited.
High accuracy design and finishing
Ultraviolet light shielding
Door Release Switch on either side.
The type of pass box to invest in must be determined based on the end requirements. A dynamic pass box is an obvious choice when building a new cleanroom or for existing cleanrooms, because it ideals of liberty and can be used to transfer materials from unrestricted to controlled environments.

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