5 Types of Cleanroom Furniture Explained

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In this article, we'll take a glance at the various types of cleanroom furniture available and the essential features you really want to search for while making a buying choice.
Types of and Choosing the Right Things
Choosing the right laboratory and cleanroom furnishings for your facility guarantees your current situation is kept clean at all times while also providing practical surfaces and comfortable seating for lab technicians.


One of the most functional types of stainless steel furniture is casework. These pre-kitted configurations consist of upper wall-mounted cabinets and lower base cabinets. Stainless steel casework gives helpful, sanitary storage as well as an ergonomic workspace.

Cleanroom Chairs

Cleanroom chairs must meet a range of criteria before they can be introduced into a . Only chairs that have been proven to prevent electrostatic charges and cause minimal particle emanation should be considered to be in a clean and sterile environment, or while static charging should be avoided.

Cleanroom Tables

While choosing clean room furniture, stainless steel is an obvious choice. Easy to keep clean and electrically conductive, stainless steel cleanroom tables are specifically intended for various applications and clean conditions. Plastic, melamine chipboard, and chromed tables are also available and ought to be picked based on the materials they will come into contact with.


Stainless steel cabinets are another versatile choice for sanitary storage. There are a variety of cabinets available to meet your cleanroom storage needs, whether small or large, wall-mounted or freestanding, and more
The principal thing to consider is what kind of cabinet suits your necessities. Freestanding cabinets stand up to about 7 feet high and come in varying widths, including single- or two-fold door options. Wall-mounted cabinets are smaller, but have the advantage of not occupying any floor space. The two types of cabinets offer a choice of glass or strong hinged doors, and wall cabinets also have the choice of open fronts for easier accessibility. They can also accompany sliding doors, which are great for restricted space since they don't swing out into the room.

Gowning Benches and Racks

Gowning rooms are distinct areas that require clean and appropriate furniture. Gowning benches and racks are specifically fit to this reason, giving a practical and comfortable space for technicians to change into and out of their outfits and defensive gear. Gowning racks and benches are typically made from stainless steel and may offer optional compartments for masks, caps, and shoes.
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