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Winter Referral Program

This doc outlines the Winter referral program

Goal: Get more projects live with Winter 🚀

Incentive program considerations:

Who will refer the most strategically important customers?

Launchpads we have worked with in the past
Mantial, Moonwalk, 0xa etc. (Brands that have used us and love us, but have not integrated us as their sole tool for cc checkout)
People that have purchased an NFT using Winter
People who have purchased an NFT using Winter should be rewarded for plugging our product
Friends/people in our network
Friends from YC, SPC, wherever else should be rewarded for referring projects to us

Finding the correct rewards:

We will need different rewards for different types of evangelists!

Launchpads (mantial, Moonwalk, etc) we have worked with in the past
These types of projects usually make money by taking a percent of total sales from a project they launch with.
So for these projects, an incentive may look like reduced fees for customers that they bring to Winter or a few hundred bucks + reduced fees
People that have purchased an NFT using Winter/Friends in our networks
For people who have purchased an NFT w/ Winter (or friends) cash rewards are the best way to incentivize evangelism. One approach is tiered rewards
Tier 1: Refer a project of any size that goes live and receive $100
Tier 2: Refer a project that sells greater than $20k with Winter and receive $300
Tier 3: Refer a project that sells over $50k with Winter and receive $500

How to implement:

We need to ship this quickly to assess impact!

Rough MVP for launchpad referrals could be could be to directly reach out to our previous customers (launchpads) and tell them what benefits they can receive if they refer customers
For friends we can also just reach out directly and let them know the benefits they will get from referrals
Issue: For now this is all based on trust; no guarantees that we will actually pay out
For people who have purchased with us before, this is a little harder.
We would probably need to give out some QR codes/referral codes and implement that into our bus dashboard
this could be down the road if friend referrals/old business customer referrals yield strong results

Question: Do we want to go for a quick/dirty MVP now or invest more time to establish a more formal system for referrals?

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