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How to: Extract Canvas Notes into Columns

Love using Coda's canvas column, but finding it difficult to extract the most important takeaways? Check out this trick!
How it works:
Use a ‘canvas column’ for all of your notes (see the Notes column below)
Create a new column(s) for where you want to extract specific notes. In this example, we have 2 columns - one for extracting important takeaways from the meeting notes, and one to extract customer feature requests in another column. (See Important Takeaways (+) and Feature Requests (*) columns beflow)
Click ‘Add Formula’ into the new column where you want the notes to be extracted and paste the formula below:
The symbol does not need to be a +. You can choose which symbol you’d like to use to insert at the beginning of a sentence to extract the note.
You can change the symbol so different symbols extract to different columns
NOTE: When copying the formula, in order for it to work, make sure your canvas column is called ‘Notes.’ Once you paste the formula, you can change the name of the canvas column after.
In this example, the * symbol has been designated as the symbol in the canvas notes to extra into the ‘Feature Requests’ column
thisRow.Notes.Split(LineBreak()).Filter(CurrentValue.StartsWith("+")) .ListCombine() .FormulaMap( Splice(CurrentValue, 0, 2)).BulletedList()

Example Meeting Notes Table
Customer Attendees
Coda Attendees
Important Takeaways (+)
Feature Requests (*)
Monthly Sync
Coda is used for all of Customer Success
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