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Delivering demos that convert

The Framework

Step One: Internalize the Tell, Show, Tell Strategy

The single biggest mistake on a demo is taking prospects through a wide-ranging product tutorial. High converting demos leverage the Tell, Show, Tell strategy for showcasing each critical feature.
Before showing a feature, you tell your prospect what you're going to show them and what problem it solves. This should relate directly to what was uncovered in discovery, and should be framed with a “You mentioned...”
Next, show them how your solution solves their problem. This is your time to shine by showing them your demo path.
Finally, tell what you've shown them to reinforce the value of your solution and ask for their validation. Facilitate the discussion, and then you move onto the next feature.

Step Two: Create your demo paths

Next, create your demo paths based on the key features (and customer goals) that the vast majority of your ICP prospects would see value in. Focus on a tight, vignette-style demo path for each feature. Try to limit as many screen changes and rapid clicks as possible. You should practice a talk track that drops the person into a common job to be done and highlights the stark difference between old way and new way.

Step Three: Apply to every demo

A successful demo starts with discovery. Discovery calls should be carried out with the future demo in mind. You do this by matching Pagova Paths (pain, goal and values) to demo paths. This creates an impactful presentation tailored to the specific needs of your audience. You’ll be dropped into situations where the prospect says “Just show me the demo!” Resist the urge to deliver an uninterrupted, hour long product tutorial. You can use the initial ‘Tell’ to better understand how they approach the problem you’re about to show a solution for. This is the initial engagement. Then, you’ll use the second ‘Tell’ to engage again on whether the feature moves the needle.


By following these steps, you can create a repeatable demo strategy that increases your win rates and conversion post-demo.
By internalizing the Tell, Show, Tell strategy, creating tight demo paths, and strategizing your demo to match your audience's goals, you can provide a compelling, engaging demo that resonates with potential customers.

The Workbook

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