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Adopting an advisor strategy

The Framework

Step One: Target

The first step is to create a target list of advisors who are likely to become early adopters. Look for people who are already invested in your company, have shown interest in your product, or have experience in your industry. Once you have your list, develop a targeted outbound strategy to start the conversation. This could include personalized emails, social media outreach, or even phone calls.

Step Two: Nurture

Once you have started a conversation with your target advisors, the next step is to nurture the relationship. Share your vision for the product and listen to their feedback. Be transparent about your company's progress and challenges, and keep them in the loop on any major updates. Show that you value their input and are committed to working with them as partners in the journey.

Step Three: Convert

As the relationship develops, it's time to convert your advisors into early adopters. This can be done by leveraging equity and strong early adopter incentives. Consider offering advisors a discount on their first purchase, early access to new features, or exclusive perks. Additionally, consider offering equity in your company as a way to incentivize early adoption.

Takeaways & Action Items:

Converting advisors to early adopters can be a powerful way to establish your company's credibility and drive growth.
By following this three-step process, you can create a targeted outreach strategy, build strong relationships, and offer compelling incentives to convert advisors into early adopters.
With this approach, you can gain valuable feedback, establish a strong foundation for growth, and get more at-bats.

Apply this Framework:
Below is a workbook

The Workbook

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