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Gainsight's Buyer's Guide to Customer Success Solutions Companion Doc
Key Steps & Business Challenges

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2. Business Case

How do we define ROI and TCO?
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It’s critical to understand the qualitative business value and costs of deploying a CSM platform before you get too far down the IT path. The following considerations and calculations can help you clearly define the projected ROI (return on investment) and TCO (total cost of ownership) at the outset.

Assess the current state

of company-wide Customer Success processes [Write answers here]

Benchmark the current state

versus “best in class” [Write answers here]

Propose recommendations

for operational maturity improvements [Write answers here]
In the table below, write in calculations for TCO and and projected ROI based on the improvements a CSM platform can bring to your organization.
Business Case
Improvement to
CSM platform licensing costs
CSM platform vendor or partner onboarding services costs
CSM platform vendor or partner ongoing services costs
Internal IT and operational onboarding time and implied costs
Internal IT and operational ongoing time and implied costs
Change management time and implied costs
Data preparation and integration time and implied costs
Reduced churn/improved retention
Increased upsell/cross-sell
Enhanced operational efficiency
Strengthened customer advocacy

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