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Company Template - A Block (A)
Planning and Strategy

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One-Page Business Plan


Describe your business in one sentence.
Your identity is what sets you apart from the competition.
It’s how you define who you are as a business.
What do you do and who do you do it for?
For example, a bikeshop’s identity might be: “We offer high-quality biking gear for families and regular people, not just gearheads.”


Describe the problems that your potential customers have.
Why do they need your products or services?


What is your product or service? Describe it here
How does it solve your customer’s problem?

Target Market

Who are your customers?
Describe your ideal customer here and, if you know, how many of them there are.

The Competition

What other products and services do your potential customers use today to solve their problems?
How are you better than the competition?

Sales Channels

Describe how you will sell to your customers.
Will you sell directly to them at a storefront or with a website?
Will you use a sales team or distributors? Describe your sales process here.

Marketing Activities

What are the primary ways you will reach your customers?
How will you make customers aware of your product or service?
If you will be advertising or using PR, describe those activities here.


What are your primary revenue streams?
Don’t worry about listing specific revenue goals when you are early in the process. Instead, describe how you will make money and what products or services will generate that revenue.


List your major expenses in the expenses section
There’s no need to go into a lot of detail in the early stages. Just list the areas that you expect to spend the most money on.


List your primary goals and objectives that you hope to achieve over the next few months.
What do you need to get done to take your business from idea to reality?
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