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City's Lab re:Mission

An annual re:connection space for joy and follow up with the humans who love making local governments work with people.
👋 Welcome to City’s Lab Re:Mission - an open, time-bound space for reconnecting with all those folks you wanted to reconnect with, meeting those folks you meant to meet but didn’t, and general joy for the people who make cities.
If you recently met someone in Amsterdam and are playing , invite them to meet up at re:Mission and connect as if you were still in that space together.


An online event in a nifty open space for connecting and reconnecting with the folks who make cities work. We’ll be using some very light to prompt connection.


Tuesday November 15th - 5-7pm EST


We host in this magical open not-quite-metaverse online space which allows you to walk about, connect with the folks with whom you want connect, break outs in your control, and even find 1:1 space minus the hassling of scheduling. It’s called and we’ve been playing with it since it was free. Bicycling to your computer is highly encouraged. Bicycling during the event is highly discouraged #VisionZero #AccidentalAsphaltArt (if these obscure jokes make sense to you, you’re probably at the right event).


Meet, greet, and welcome
- If at any time during our time together you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet, go someplace else.
In private sector or advocacy? We welcome you. But please don’t sell to us in government. This is our space for people, not pitches.

This event is no way sanctioned by or linked to CityLab ... it just happens to share many of the same people! BYOA/rt/ppetizers.

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