Sapphire SBT & proposal

What is SBT for?
owner display to designated people
organization verify a property
to browse on internet to find suitable people

Excutive Summary
SBT standard is for
The proposal
Describe SBT
not very confidential, ask for more money for the confidential kind
how? what’s hidden what’s not?

The utility
events A, event B, our own propagation
code-free Domain management platform
SBT standard
launch MVP
Eth CC showcase
Oasis community usage
Front-end integration
launch final product
reach user number xxx
Team (Data Room )

scope: SBT system: send out a standard, implement on Gallery, send to many people
submit the form, wait 2 week-ish for processing, implement?

NFT scope: send out a standard, implement minting service, launch private AI ROSE on Oasis, implement MLaunch. Transaction amount xxx

DID scope: collaborate with x other networks, define DID, connect to credit score data source abc, xx user

Decision on writing:
Write A & C first, in 4 days. Send out to review.
Then work on other things. - Look for job.
This week is full
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