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Refer's Kit
Refer's Kit

Why MetaLamp?

This section contains some points that answer the question “Why MetaLamp?” which can be convincing to work with us.
How and in what cases to apply these arguments stays at the discretion of the referee.

Key points:
MetaLamp is one of TOP-10 blockchain developers teams in the world (according to Clutch)
Since the fall of 2022, the largest company ranking services in the world, Clutch, has ranked us among the TOP 10 blockchain teams in the world among more than 2,000 other companies.
This rating is based on native data - reviews, awards, cases. We did not donate for that, as this is a natural merit of the company.

MetaLamp has been in development for over 8 years (since 2014).
The team started working in 2014,mainly with small freelance projects and outstaff orders.
Today MetaLamp employs more than 60 employees spread all around the world. We have experience working with startups as well as internal projects of large corporations. During 8 years, we had a chance to form development standards and clear up qualification requirements. We created our own unique grading system, educational programs, launched a number of our own projects, two of which became successful startups.
MetaLamp is a pioneer and leader in a number of technological areas (Haskell, Cardano domain)
Over the years, the team has managed to develop a fairly narrow expertise among some technologies, such as Haskell. This is a specific complex language that is used mainly in the academic environment for scientific work, and in the commercial world it is used most often in finance and security. MetaLamp is one of the few teams in the world that uses this language, and we have managed to write a number of fintech startups, as well as our own logistics startup in Haskell.
In 2020, we were invited to test and refine the infrastructure of smart contracts in Cardano (TOP 3 in capitalization among blockchains). They invented us because they use Plutus smart contract language, and it’s on Haskell. So we became pioneers at Plutus, and took part in the creation of the Cardano ecosystem, developed a number of projects that were the first of their kind.
And now we’re leaders in Cardano development!

More valuable points:
The MetaLamp portfolio includes projects with estimates of hundreds of millions dollars (Improvado, Supercede, etc.)
Our customers are successful.
Among our customers there are long-term and scalable startups that successfully attract investments.
A good example is a project named “Improvado”. We helped them with the early stages of the front-end part. The project raised $22m in Series A in mid-2022.
Later Improvado came to us for a narrow front-end expertise, because this analytics service needed a very high-quality and complex front-end with a huge amount of client-side calculations, graphs and complex tables. We worked with them from 2018 to 2020 until they hired their front-end developers and continued growing.
One more project - the reinsurance project “Supercede”, where we developed both back-end and front-end. They have recently raised $4.1m. We created MVP and early scaling for their team.

MetaLamp works with market giants, providing narrow expertise (Cardano, CoinTeleraph, Yandex, Sberbank, ADV Group, JusPay)
There’re market giants among our clients.
Cardano (see above)
CoinTelegraph needed solidity expertise and experience in building educational products. We act as core experts in their educational product for developers
Yandex also addressed us because of their need of educational expertise and extensive experience in the front-end. We wrote a course for middle developers of Yandex.Practice
All the rest can be mentioned without details. It’s better to mention russian companies with Russian-speaking customers only.
MetaLamp is one of the leaders in practice-oriented education among agency studios
We have launched a number of our own successful projects, and also acted as experts in some large educational projects (see above).
We have our own educational program in several areas, where in total more than 35,000+ students have studied. Over the years of the educational program, we have recruited 15 partner companies that act as employers for our graduates.
We have created our own grading system and a development map, which are used to upgrade skills from developers, as well as retrain specialists.
Wide geography of clients
We work with clients all over the world (more than 20 countries), including the US, EU countries, UK, Singapore, UAE
Experience in launching our own projects, incl. successful experience
We have been striving to create our own products for a long time, and a couple of times we succeeded.
One of these examples is a prject named “Bird”.
The experience of creating products allows us to take a broader look at the pains and problems faced by startup customers.
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