Metafy Beta Tester Program

Last Updated: July 12, 2022
The Metafy Beta Tester program is an opportunity to share feedback about new Metafy ideas, features, designs, and more. We offer private Discord channels available to Beta Testers to discuss and share their feedback with our team. Beta Testing is available to both Metafy experts and students. Purchase not required, but registering for a and following our is.
Qualified Beta Testers may receive exclusive promo codes, account credit, and special perks in our Discord server. This is solely at the discretion of Metafy and is not a guarantee.

Application process

Applicants move through a five-step process to become a Beta Tester.
Community member. You don’t need to be a Metafy customer to be a Beta Tester, but you should be familiar with our company, our values, and our service. If you haven’t already, , , check out , and explore the .

Candidate. A Metafy community member who can share what motivates them to become a Beta Tester with us. This could be because they want to help improve the service they already use, because they are curious about new features, to gain early access to new features, or another reason. Candidates should have a registered Metafy account, a Discord account in the Metafy server, and abide by our .

Applicant. Someone who applies to become a Beta Tester, stating that they are able to meet the requirements and are willing to participate. You can apply by emailing or by creating a support ticket in our Discord server. Please provide the following when applying:
Your Metafy username or registered email address
Your Discord username
A reason why you are interested in participating in the Beta Tester program
A brief overview of the your background, including your setup (e.g. computer operating system, web browser) and device (e.g. iPhone 12 running iOS 10.1)

Qualified applicant. An applicant who has the correct profile and technical equipment needed for the specific project. In other words, they pass the qualification survey and are able to participate in a Beta Test. Examples of technical equipment may be a mobile device, to test the Metafy apps on iOS or Android, or a computer. Some Beta Tests are available only to preexisting Metafy experts.

Beta Tester. A qualified applicant who shows characteristics that indicate they will be valuable on the project and has been selected to participate. We will grant your Discord account the “Beta Tester” role so that you can access our private channels.


The success or failure of every beta test is heavily impacted by its team of beta testers. Great candidates match the following criteria:
Want to help. Participants should be eager to help improve the Metafy service that they already use. Enthusiasm and persistence are two tell-tale traits of ideal testers. Show us your enthusiasm by telling us why you would like to become a tester.

Attention to detail. You don’t need to write a novel, but great testers can share detailed and clean feedback that can lead to improvements. Candidates who skip questions or give only partial answers are also unlikely to be ideal testers.
is an article with advice on giving the constructive feedback we’re looking for.

Eager to Learn. Testers have the opportunity to grow professionally by directly contributing to our ideation and development process. and want you to come along on the journey with us.

Open to all. You don’t need a specific accreditation or job title to become a Beta Tester. In fact, we intentionally want to grow a diverse group of existing Metafy users and fresh faces alike to have a more accurate representation of our audience. Designers, coders, gamers and non-gamers alike are welcome to apply.

Example Beta Test

New app example
Evaluate satisfaction, ease of use.
Account creation
Initial setup of account using new mobile app experience. Register email, save CC, and purchase one (1) live lesson and one (1)Training Plan.
iOS device running iOS 9.1+ Internet
There are no rows in this table

Contact Information. The Beta Test program is offered by , located at 447 Broadway, 2nd Fl #707, New York, NY 10013. You may contact us by sending correspondence to that address or by emailing us at .

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