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My Home Base
My Home Base

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I learned to really cook鈥攖o create a meal or snack with confidence, creativity, and pragmatism鈥攚hile bike travelling in 2015-2019. Now that I live in Canada, my repertoire has expanded a bit.
In 2015 I started experimenting with eating less animal products. These days, my eating ebbs and flows between ~80% and 95% plant-based. It depends on where I am, how much I鈥檓 cooking, and, to be honest, how much I鈥檓 engaging with thinking about industrial animal agriculture.
The primary purpose of this page is for Evan and I to have a go-to place to quickly find a recipe we want to make.
My go-to recipes

Plant-based recipe sources

Sources that I already use or have used in the past
Budget Bytes鈥
Minimalist Baker鈥檚
BBC Good Food鈥檚
(looks like the website isn鈥檛 working properly, but enjoy her cookbooks)
Sources that look promising
(h/t Adam Sandell)

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