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Instructor Guide — GoVenture FOOD TRUCK & ENTREPRENEUR Board Games

Educational Resources | Summary

The educational versions of GoVenture Board Games include many resources to extend student learning:
Entrepreneur Business Simulation (Online Game)
Business Superhero Book (PDF)
Printable Lessons & Activities (PDF)
Accounting Worksheets (PDF)
All of the above resources are described in detail below.

Important Time Limit
You must download some of these educational resources in order to be able to continue to use them into the future. You are provided a limited time to do so. Follow the instructions below.

Educational Resources | Details

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Food Truck & Entrepreneur Board Games

All of the resources needed to play the board games are included in each game box.
Each box includes detailed instructions and you can view Tutorial Videos here:
Food Truck Board Game—
Entrepreneur Board Game—
Card Game—

Access to Online Resources

Your purchase may have included access to online resources for a limited time. This may include the Entrepreneur Business Simulation, Business Superhero Book, and Lessons and Activities. All of these resources are described further in this document. To access these resources, you must create an Instructor Account on the GoVenture website.
You were provided a Subscription Key that allows you to create an Instructor Account for a limited time. Your subscription period will begin on the day you create your Instructor Account. (If you were provided more than one Key, see below for additional information).
Create your Instructor Account at then click CREATE ACCOUNT.
If you purchased multiple board game bundles and were provided more than one Subscription Key (one for each bundle purchased), each Key provides you with the ability to do one of the following:
Additional Keys can be used to extend the duration of your Instructor Account. To do this, log into the online Instructor Account you created for GoVenture and click the ADD NEW PRODUCT link at the top of the interface —
Each Key can be use to create separate Instructor Accounts — you can give the extra Key(s) to your instructor colleagues so they may also create their own Instructor Accounts to access the online resources. One key can be used to create one Instructor Account.

Entrepreneur Business Simulation

A realistic small business startup and operations simulation. Start with a lemonade stand, level up to a kiosk, food truck, and full business.
You have a limited-time subscription to this online software.
How It’s Used
Your subscription includes the ability for you to play the simulation as a student. This allows you to host a group activity with students where you can play the simulation on a big screen (or share your screen if playing on a webinar). While playing, encourage students to advise you on the best decisions to make for the business. Explain and discuss the various decisions as you make them. This is an engaging and high-impact learning activity— .
Your subscription does not include the ability to allow students to play the simulation on their own — student access can be purchased at
Next Steps
To access the Entrepreneur Business Simulation:
Log into the online Instructor Account you created for GoVenture.

Accounting Worksheets

Printable worksheets that students can use to practice accounting while running their food truck business in the board game.
Includes General Journal, General Ledger, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet.
How It’s Used
Provide printed copies of each worksheet to every student playing the game and direct them to record their accounting transactions in the General Journal and General Ledger while they play.
After a few rounds of play, direct students to use the data from the General Ledger to complete the Balance Sheet and Income Statement worksheets. Repeat this process every few rounds of play.
Next Steps
for the Food Truck Entrepreneur Board Game
for the Entrepreneur Board Game
You can print and download the worksheets using the icons that appear.
Resources to help students learn the basics of accounting are included in the Business Superhero Book and Lessons & Activities.

Business Superhero Book

A 200-page book that helps students learn the fundamental concepts of business and entrepreneurship. The book is easy to read with large text and lots of examples to make fundamental business concepts easy to understand.
How It’s Used
Students can use the book as a reference for topics they need help with, or read it from cover to cover to gain practical business wisdom. You can provide students with printed pages of the book or the book PDF.
Next Steps
To access the book, log into the online Instructor Account you created for GoVenture. and click button — LEARNING GUIDE, TUTORIALS, AND HELP.

Lessons and Activities

Over 50 lesson plans and activities designed to bring business education alive in the classroom. Every key decision a business owner needs to make in starting and running a business is addressed.
Business glossary included.
Provided as Adobe PDF.
How It’s Used
You can assign specific lessons and activities for your students to complete.
Documents can be printed or can be completed online.
Next Steps
To access the Education Bundle lessons and activities, log into the online Instructor Account you created for GoVenture. and click button — LEARNING GUIDE, TUTORIALS, AND HELP.

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