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Subscription Key

If you purchased a Subscription KEY online, check for an email from GoVenture that has your KEY. Check your spam or junk folder.
A Subscription KEY is 32 numbers formatted like this: 12345678-12345678-12345678-12345678
Make sure your Subscription KEY has all 32 digits. The dashes do not matter.
A Subscription KEY can only be used ONE TIME to create a new login account. If you have already used your Subscription KEY to create your login account, you should now log in to GoVenture using your username and password.
If you are certain that you have not used your Key but a message says that the Key has already been used, contact the store where you purchased it and ask for a replacement.
If the above does not answer your question and you did not get a Key,

Group and Simulation Number

If you are a STUDENT playing GoVenture as part of a school course or training program, you must contact your instructor or simulation manager for a Group or Simulation Number. We do not know what number has been assigned to you.
If you are using GoVenture for personal learning and have purchased a GoVenture program that is allowed for use for personal learning, contact us for a Group Number.

Cannot Log In or Forgot Username or Password

To recover your USERNAME and PASSWORD, click the FORGOT button on the login page.
If you get a message that your EMAIL is not recognized, make sure you are on the login page for the exact GoVenture product you signed up for. Check your email to confirm your GoVenture product name as there are many GoVenture products.
To log in or recover your username and password, click the button below then choose your GoVenture product.

Refund or Purchased Wrong Product

If you have purchased the wrong GoVenture product, we can help switch you. You do not need to make another purchase. If you have already made two purchases, we can help you with a refund.

Extend My Student Subscription

If you have a GoVenture subscription that has expired and you want to extend it, you have two options:
If you only need an extension for 10 days, and let us know the reason you need the extension and we may be able to provide it to you for free.
Otherwise, you can purchase an extension here —
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