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TITLE x x x x X X X X X

Hello hello, how are you doing
Awesome, can you see me/my screen okay?
I’ll hop right into it - so I first just want to confirm some stats with what you’re looking for, just to make sure we have the talent for you. Then, if I feel that I genuinely do, we’ll jump into the platform and the how it works to work with each other.
So first off, what brings you on the call today? or what motivated you to schedule the call today?

Confirm critical stats and placement ability (FAST)

Quickly confirm what they are looking for and repeat the stats from their position. Them, ask “Does this sound about right?”
If anything is unclear: I’m also curious to hear a bit more about XYZ...
Traffic Sources - I’m pretty familiar about the business/funnel type but walk me through the traffic sources you’re hiring for. Is it mostly for facebook ads, youtube, bit of everything?
**Ad Spend - What’s the ballpark monthly ad spend that they’d be managing?
Engagement level - and I saw you mentioned that you’re looking to hire someone [ENGAGEMENT], is that right? Or what were you feeling?
Niche - And is this primarily for [E-commerce, Lead-gen,...]?
Anything Else: Is there anything else about the position or business, like expectations or dealbreakers I should be aware of? What are they ultimately looking for?
How are you dialing that in?

Identify their Goals and Challenges

1. What is your goal? Like what is your grand vision and what you’re really trying to achieve here?
NOTE: Make it crystal clear for them. The media buyer is NOT the end goal; it is the vehicle to get to their destination. We get them to talk about their grand vision because we want them to position themselves within that future reality.
“What’s your grand vision? I love asking this question to see where people are at. When you envision where you’re at in a year, what does that look like?”
“Okay, so I hear ever everything you're saying, you know, you're really looking to do XYZ and it sounds like a media buyer is going to be the solution to that, right? I.e. it’s going to be the solution to get you there. But like, what is it going to mean for you to be able to achieve that? For you as a business owner”
2. What’s holding you back? What is getting in the way of you achieving that?
NOTE: Ask them to be specific.
“Obviously, you're looking for a media buyer and you're trying to achieve this X goal, but what's the challenge that you're facing?”
3. If they have NOT hired before or just starting: So how are you looking for this person? Like, what have you been doing? (Then paint a picture of doom and bad future)
The best media buyers aren’t really applying to jobs is what I typically see and hear from our media buyers
3. If struggling to find an A-player: I know its hard to find experienced/quality media buyers, like the wild wild west out there... And there are even tons of platforms and marketplaces, but they're pretty unregulated. And so a lot of people come to me because they just can't find the person they're looking for.
Have you attempted to work with any of these platforms? If so, have you had any luck with them or have you found that challenging?
“Have you worked with any media buyers before OR have you used any other platforms or marketplaces? If so, have you had any luck with them or have you found that challenging?”
“How effective would you say that’s allowing you to confidently find someone meets these requirements? Just to get a feel where you’re at.”
4. And how are you vetting them to know they’re the real deal? Or what is your system for vetting them?

Okay, everything that you said makes perfect sense and resonates with me. Believe me, you’re not the only person dealing with this.
Authority: I’ve been there, I’ve hired countless of my own media buyers (for the last 6-7 years // since 2016), I’m also a media buyer by trade and because of that I’ve seen both sides of this and ... and almost every business I worked with is struggling to find an A-player media buyer, because it really is that difficult (explain challenges nuances).
I’ve been there, and I’ve in the space for 5-6 years, im a media buyer by trade and I’ve also hired countless my own media buyers, and because of that I have a deep understand of what businesses are going up against when finding a media buyer. And almost every business I worked with is struggling to find an A-player media buyer, because it really is that difficult (explain challenges nuances).
Problem: At the end of the day, in [X] niche, it's difficult to identify the MOST qualified AND trustworthy media buyer because... you have a lot of people who either don’t have proven experience, or who over-promise/under-deliver, or who exaggerate or lie about their results, charlatans, etc...
Believe me, you’re not the only person dealing with this
IF GOOD FIT: Yeah, well I think this would be a great time, if you're open to it and you're ready for it, for me to just break down what we do, how we can be of service to you, and really bring some transformation into your business. That cool with you?
IF NOT ready for offer (or don’t trust):
So far, high level this sounds like something I can help with, but I don’t feel confident making a decision on the spot... Here’s what I propose: lets set up another call/follow up in a day or two days, and in the meantime I can send you more info about what we do/how it all works. Then we can discuss in more detail on that call how it might work for you. We’ll answer any questions you have and see it it makes more sense for you at that point. How does that sound to you?
(goal is get them asking about the offer) We can talk about the nuances on our next call and I’ll share all the info with you via email in a few mins.
Last thing real quick, assuming this makes sense to you and there’s a clear path to ROI here, do you feel like you’re in a position right now to consider an investment of up to 10k?

Resolution To Pain / Break Down the Offer Doc (Show App)

Transition nutshell: Like I said, we built to solve ALL of these problems we discussed through a simple hiring platform that hands businesses with proven, A-player, pre-vetted media buyers. But what makes this truly special, is that we offer dedicated 1-on-1, expert support to guarantee you’ll find the perfect fit and ensure high performance.
We are tired of this too, we’re on the same team. This is what eliminates all the stress, uncertainty, confusion/BS, wasted time that comes with hiring a great media buyer.
Background: A little about me. I’m the founder here, and I have 6-7 years of experience as a media buyer and I’ve worked with Alex Becker at Hyros for years, which is the fastest growing ad tracking software ​(and I’ve seen personally seen the set up of thousands of [NICHE] businesses that run ads at scale) and through that experience, I saw this huge gap and had a chance to really dissect this problem.
And what I ultimately realized is that there needs to be a platform that has pre-vetted media buyers, only with proven track records of results, and where business owners are handed the best ones on a silver platter, in 1-2 days.
That’s what we do and we do it very well. Thesis: Now, I want to take you through our process and just pull back the curtain to show you what we’ve built. So if you’re ready for it, we can jump right into it.
Cool, so ultimately, you’re looking for a top proven media buyer who can scale your ads... But in order to do that profitably, there are three things that you need:
You need access to a talent pool of highly pre-vetted and proven media buyers, who are able to scale your ROI on ad spend. And that’s super important because we don’t want to be hiring people who lack experience or who don’t have the ability to deliver that result.
And you need a simple step-by-step process and proven scaling system that’s tailored for YOUR business model. This is going to ensure you get the right person in-house, and that you set them up to perform at a high level, long-term.
And the last component is probably the most important. For this to really work, you need a dedicated team who’s as committed to your success as you are, and who understand this deeply, and a team who can provide you with specialized expertise/guidance from start-to-finish, even after you hire.
The reason why this is so important: is that you’re getting a platform with an abundance of A-players, but you’re going to need help finding and identifying the right fit, and that is what we’re phenomenal at
I.e. helping you set up the systems and infrastructure you need to win (scale your ROI on ad spend)
You need a dedicated who understands this and what you need to succeed and hire the perfect fit...
Confirm Understanding: Does that makes sense so far?
Transition: Great, because this is what we promise our clients. And we have a step-by-step action plan that we’re going to follow to make sure this comes into reality...
BACKUP: I could share some horror stories of media buyers who applied to our vetting process. Typically, we see that at least 2 out of 3 applications can’t verify most of their track record, or prior experiences, references, etc (or just other “shady things”).
So what we do is besides making sure they meet certain standards, is putting them through interviews, checking their references, creatives, and most importantly-having them back up their results with SOLID proof or evidence. And we don’t even look at screenshots because those can be faked. So they really have to go the extra mile to back up anything.

BREAK DOWN the Action Plan (without explaining in-depth)
READ IT —→ Do you have questions with any of this?
Transition: Well, I'd love to, you know, give you a quick sneak peek just so you can see the full shebang.
“Cool so at this point, you understand the main value, you get the the process we’ll implement, how we're going to bring this all together and get you the perfect fit... but now I want to actually give you a little sneak peek just so you can see the full shebang. Sound good?

Show Platform:
#1 SHOW How we craft the Perfect Job Posting
Essentially on the platform: we can post a quick job and include any of the things we just talked about - specific requirements, expectations, traffic sources, niche/funnel experience - really whatever we want to filter by, and I’ll help you with ALL of this. This allows us to very clearly position yourself to get the best fits for growth.
#2 SHOW Candidates
Right after, I’ll manually connect you with relevant candidates that I believe are great fit, based on the things what we chatted about earlier. And media buyers can also apply directly to your job posting too, so you’ll get them in two ways.
And you’ll see all of these new candidates HERE...
#3 SHOW Profile!
This is where you can see anybody’s profile which acts like a verified resume.
Behaviorally, we see that many people inflate their past experiences or exaggerate their capabilities.
What we see is their entire verified track record... a transparent overview of their prior experiences, results, accomplishments, ad creatives, niche specialization, market focus - and everything you see here is strictly pre-vetted and verified, so you can trust that the people you’re talking to aren’t blowing smoke. (We’re trying to make as transparent as possible)
Upwork/Linkedin let people put whatever they want on their profile. Their talent aren’t liars/charlatans, they’re just not verified for ads so it’s hard to hire.
In the past particularly before the IOS updates, you could typically hire anyone and their dog off the street to run your ads for this type of role. Now you can hire true veterans in just a week.
Before the IOS updates, you could typically max out the accuracy from the platforms for this type of funnel at a 70%-ish. Now you can have a 99% tracking accuracy with click data.
**When we strictly pre-vet media buyers, we can get a solid understanding of who’s a true high performer, BUT more important who has the proper experience to plug in to your business as that’s when you can scale (You don’t want to hire the wrong person who doesn’t have proper experience)..
Typically, generate our clients about a 50% higher ROI from ads (than industry average) simply through our talent.
**Scale is simple when we have the right person working on your ads. High level that’s the value of
SHOW Interviewing List
When you find someone you who want to speak to. You can schedule an interview. You two have full freedom to interface and negotiation any terms, job scope, payments and compensation terms... We don’t babysit any of your negotiations. That’s all up to you.
Though I’m here to support and guide you throughout the ENTIRE hiring process start-to-finish, like with selecting the the best fits, setting up a trial, comp structures, onboard SOPs, all of this is based on other 7-8 figure [NICHE] ad team clients like yours.
Whenever you’re ready to move forward with someone or even on trial basis, you just hire them in a couple clicks and that’s pretty much it. And that also means you can hire or trial multiple media buyers as well.
Do you have any questions with this?

RECAP: Bonuses, Vehicle, Vehicle Guarantee (that’s really it though...)

It’s a straightforward tool for a very big problem that has now gotten exacerbated over time.
Frankly, we do these pretty quick calls just to see if the position is an easy fit /win for the beta.
And there's much more to share. But I want to just run you through what it looks like for us to work together as well as share some special bonuses that we've got running right now that are really dope.
BONUS #1: VIP Group on Skool with other killer ad strategist and business owners
BONUS #2: Access to VAULT with regularly updated best practices, training, & SOPs
VEHICLE (SUPPORT)???: And again, we’ll work DIRECTLY with you, we’ll hop on calls, I’ll create a group chat with our team, and I’ll just start introducing you to those media buyers ASAP.
On top of that, what we’ll do is help you ramp them up and do check ins for up to 1 year. This is to live up to our guarantee and ensure high performance - that’s why we do these, we’re generating case studies - but more so, it’s to know HOW to best leverage your media buyer and put yourselves in a position so you’re getting a win-win. High level we’re going to be able to really tailor this to your position.
Guarantee: And all of this is backed up by our 90 day no-questions-asked guarantee.
only pay me if they perform and it’s win-win. And I’ll guarantee you increase Ad ROI in your first 30-90 days, or you get your entire deposit back and your next hire is free. And that’s never happened.
THEN SILENT (prepare for pricing)
Offer Nutshell here??


Sure, [the pricing] it’s really reasonable and simple. We put a lot of thought into this:
Once you get matched and hire, you’re going to pay them directly and interface with them just as any other internal team member - we’re not the middle man here, and that’s what really sets us apart.
To get started you’re just going to pay a $3500 membership and we’ll get the ball rolling. And remember we have a 90-day money-back guarantee, no-questions-asked. So if its anything but the perfect win win fit you you get your money back. (and thats never happened before)
mention what they get yearly for that 35001

Congratulate them + next : I'm really excited for you. You're about to step into an amazing transformation for your business and a revolutionary new way to hire, and I'm excited to invite you in to the family. What are your card details or the best card for me to go ahead signed up?
Split test: So what I’m going to do is send you a welcome letter with all the info here, your payment link, guarantees in writing and case studies. And yeah, get your payment in as soon as possible. From there, we’re going to take everything we said here today, get it on paper on a job post and posted, make some intros, and we’re really about to take things to the next level.
Next beta steps: I’ll send you a recap email, you’ll sign up and besides posting your job which I’ll help you with, I’ll hand-select a handful of media buyers who are a fit, and yeah we’ll start introducing them to you ASAP.
Oh and before I let you go here, I want to let you know that we have a referral program, so if you ever refer us some business, ie someone who’s looking for a media buyer, I’ll pay you a good commission.

This is something never existed before,
So you’ll always have that to fall back on in the slim .01% chance that you don’t find the right candidate (and thats never happened before).
So if its anything but the perfect win win fit you you get your money back
theres no where on earth where you’ll get better candidates than the ones here

The regular investment for the entire offer starts at $15000 a year... Now, since we’re in beta right now, we’re offering a special lifetime deal thats only available for the first 50 beta members who join. And this is what that it like...
Current pricing offer: The ENTERPRISE package is $9970 for access to the platform access, a full service done-for-you hiring team, and a beta mastermind group for 1 Year. Otherwise, the VIP package is our flagship service for access to the platform and a dedicated support rep, so this is more of a guided hire.
Performance Manager: Add a dedicated manager to your account for 1% of ad spend. TEST WO Add on


If Ready To Go: Go to the appropriate sign up page → XXX
Well, yeah, let’s go ahead and make this a reality. To start, it’s just a matter of signing up which takes a couple of minutes, posting your job, and yeah getting connected you with those candidates right away, and I’ll take you card when you’re ready.
Payment plan (If asked about splitting the payment): Well, what are you thinking?
Yeah, I’m totally willing to break it up into payments. Would you want to do it in two or three payments?
% Ad Spend fee // Performance Manager
This is a performance management fee, because we are pretty much managing the performance of the media buyer. It’s more hands-on to ensure quality results. So this person is like the director in the shadows that's making sure that the media buyer is performing up to par.
Not just getting the data, but analyzing and doing things to improve it
Risk Reversal: Sure, we can remove that and you won’t have to pay the performance management fee.
No protection after the 90-day guarantee
Enterprise: Well, it’s unlimited hiring, so we would just go through the process again and find a better fit
LITE/VIP: If it’s not a good fit for any reason, that wouldn’t take away from your number of hires. It would just reset. So we'll go through the process with you again to hand-match you. We'll learn from this hiring process and integrate it into the overall custom hiring strategy. And really go out there and like find the right person for you.
For LITE: if that does happen and you dont get that fit, we’ll treat you to the VIP experience for 3 months and upgrade you for free as well. We’re pretty much giving you $1500...
Monthly Plan (Risk Reversal): Or you can just opt for the monthly payment for $369 over a year, and the payment would freeze at any point if you terminate your hire.
Resistance with guarantee (general)
Like you really can't lose if you don't get what you're looking for within a year.... With our support and having access to everything that we’re providing to you for that year... then absolutely we’ll give you your money back. I’ve never seen that happen before with any client we’ve worked with, but I wanna make sure that this just is a no-brainer for you and I'm willing to do that :)
Resistance with paying UPFRONT
I totally get it. And there’s a lot of talent we have on the platform. So I think it would be great for you to actually see the process at work and see the talent for yourself.
Risk Reversal: So, how about this? We’ll actually get you started on the process, start hand-matching you with really high-caliber talent so that you can see the candidates that are available and get a good sense of them. And then what we'll do is, we’ll charge your card after a week. If at ANY point you’re like, “hey this isn’t for me, or I’m not happy with the candidates”... then just let me know and we won’t charge your card.
Extra reasoning: We require the payment upfront due to the labor involved, and again, the guarantee is no questions asked and backs you up for 90 days for this reason.
Resistance with paying YEARLY
Enterprise: You have unlimited access to the platform, year’s worth of dedicated support, and mini mastermind with ton and tons of bonus that are worth significantly more than the offer itself
VIP: You’re not paying yearly for one hire.... Y’know, for our LITE members, they just want one hire so its just a flat $2000 fee to get access to that talent.
However, we make the deal even sweeter for our VIP members who are looking to scale faster. So you’re really paying for 1 hire and 1 bonus hire, continued access to the platform, access to the VIP group, PLUS a ton of 1-on-1 support for a year so that we can ensure the result.
Resistance only needing 1 hire (not 2)
Well, you get one hire and the other one is just a bonus in case you decide to change that... BUT you also get everything else I’ve mentioned.
If hesitant with checking out other sources
Yeah, I totally get that. And you know, you want to do your due diligence and you want to see what else is out there in the marketplace. But, I also just want to share this with you: that there's nobody in the marketplace that does what we do the way that we do it. And so there are definitely other media buying agencies and marketplaces that you can work with, like Mayple, Upwork
If you go on indeed, LinkedIn, or upwork, you’re going to get bombarded with hundreds of shady applicants becaue its unregulated. And you’re not going to get performance guarantees when you go this route. OR its crazy time consuming to vet them and know their the real deal. You’re not going to get that custom hand holding that you need.
Or, hey I got an idea I want to share with you real quick... OFFER FREE sign up so they can get a feel on the candidates

And besides posting your job which I’ll help you with, I’ll hand-select a handful of media buyers who are a fit, and yeah we’ll start introducing them to you ASAP.
All of these though come with the same 90-day refund guarantee, which you quite literally set the terms for and I’ll send you all this in writing. So you only pay if they perform and you’re happy with them.
And again, this price is only available for the first 50 beta customers and then we’re increasing it and not taking on new clients
It comes with the same 90 day results guarantee PER hire, which you quick literally set the terms for. So it’s very no questions asked.
Terms: You’re only paying the fee if you’re getting a win-win and find a great long term fit who you’re happy with. If they don’t perform or you’re not happy, then I am not happy and dont want your money.
I can only do this if I’m very confident in the results.

Resistant with 90-day guarantee (offer 365 day guarantee):
Well, how about this. Typically, we have a 90-day money back guarantees but I really believe in your business, and I know this can be huge for you (gamechanger) for you to get somebody of the caliber of talent that’s our platform on your team... so I’m willing to do a 365 no questions asked full money back, that way its a win-win.
Like you really can't lose if you don't get what you're looking for within a year. With our support and having access to everything that we’re providing to you for that year... then absolutely we’ll give you your money back. I’ve never seen that happen before with any client we’ve worked with, but I wanna make sure that this just is a no-brainer for you and I'm willing to do that :)

And what this does is position yourself perfectly to hire the right person, that’s normally difficult to find.
And what this does is collect all the data points from the lead, that is normally lost (by fb or google).
OLDER: Our pricing is just a $9970 yearly fee to get veteran media buyers placed in your business at anytime, and that comes with the dedicated support and a 90-day guarantee for each hire. So you only pay if they perform and you’re happy with them.
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