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Why do I use simplified spelling in French?

Creation: 2020-05-28 | Updated: 2020-05-28 | Epistemic status: ~54% | Status: quick writing of my thinking
It would take less time to learn.
I don’t think the signal of “how capable someone is at learning a complicated language” overweights that.
I prefer using English.....

I think we would benefit to adopt a norm of moving away from inadequate equilibria

Not really relevant to by decision process, but: I was initially pretty averse to it, and now find it very aesthetically pleasing.
More information from me:

More information:

If you voice the words and pronounce all letters when reading simplified French, it makes it easier to process them. And after a couples days / weeks of this, I didn't have to voice it anymore, so the transition was not that expensive.

When I have something important to say, I sometimes write it in traditional French (and often in English). Ex.:

Am probably loosing readers indeed, at least in the short term.

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