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How do you gender neutralize?

status: incomplete
“ze/zir” for specified people, “they/them” for non-specified people

How long does it take to learn?
I think about 5 minutes

Do you think you/your singular/plural distinction is a problem?
Yes. I try to use y’all a lot instead for the plural version.

Why ze/zir?
AFAICT, ze/zir is by far the most popular singular gender neutral pronoun (after singular they/them)
‘ze is constructed from z+(hE)/(shE)
‘zir’ is constructed from z+(hIm)+(heR)
and IME, a lot of people think it sounds fine (for a neopronoun)
More written by me on this:

Although, some people use it to mean a specific gender that is not man nor woman, so this dual usage is non-ideal.
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