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8 Easy Ways to Copy or Extract Text from PDF Images

Images are everywhere, holding memories and info. But what if you want to turn them into text? Maybe you're copying from a or adding text to a scanned doc. That's where OCR tools jump in, making image text editable.
PDFs are a widely used format for sharing documents, but extracting or copying text from images within these files can be a bit challenging. Whether you're dealing with scanned documents or PDFs with , the need to convert these visuals into editable text arises frequently. In this article, we'll explore nine easy and user-friendly tools to help you effortlessly copy or extract text from PDF images. These tools range from online converters to software applications, ensuring that there's a solution for every level of technical expertise.

Best Online Tools to Extract Text from Images


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Google Drive is a versatile cloud-based platform that not only serves as a secure storage solution for your files but also provides an array of collaborative tools. Developed by Google, it simplifies the way you store, share, and access your documents, images, and more. One standout feature of Google Drive is its built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, making it a handy tool for extracting text from images.

How to Use

Open in your web browser.
Log in with your Google account or create one for free.
Click "+ New" and select "File upload."
Choose the image file with the text you want to extract.
Right-click on the uploaded image.
Hover over "Open with" and choose "Google Docs."
Google Drive automatically applies OCR to recognize text.
Wait for the processing, and you'll see the text on the document.
Once processed, easily copy the extracted text.
Highlight the text, right-click, and choose "Copy."
To keep the extracted text, click "File" and choose "Save" or "Save a copy."

Why Use Google Drive for Text Extraction

Google Drive provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for text extraction. Its integration with Google Docs and built-in OCR features make it an efficient solution. Whether you're working on collaborative projects or need a quick way to digitize text from images, Google Drive offers convenience and accessibility. Plus, it's free to use with generous storage options, making it an excellent choice for individuals, students, and professionals alike.


Screenshot 2024-01-29 174659.jpg
TinyWow's Image to Text tool provides a simple and accessible solution for converting image-based text into editable text content. Users can upload images, and the tool utilizes OCR technology to recognize and extract text. The straightforward interface makes it user-friendly, catering to individuals who require a quick and hassle-free image-to-text conversion. TinyWow's tool is designed for efficiency, making it a suitable option for various users with basic text extraction needs.

How to Use

Access the TinyWow website on your preferred web browser.
Navigate to or find the specific "Image to Text" tool on the TinyWow website.
Use the tool's interface to upload the image containing the text you want to extract.
Start the image-to-text conversion process by clicking on the designated button, often labeled "Convert" or a similar term.
Allow the tool to process the image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This may take a few moments.
Once processing is complete, review the extracted text displayed on the interface.

Why Use TinyWow - Image to Text

TinyWow's user-friendly interface simplifies the process, allowing users of varying technical expertise to quickly and easily extract text from images. The tool employs OCR technology, ensuring accurate text recognition. This makes it a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to digitize documents, extract information from images, or simply convert image-based text into editable and usable content.


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Free Online OCR is a user-friendly online tool designed for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), making text extraction from images hassle-free. This web-based platform simplifies the process of converting image-based text into editable content and supports multiple languages for enhanced accessibility.

How to Use

Visit the New OCR website using your web browser.
On the website, upload the image file containing the text you want to extract.
Choose the language of the text in the image to improve recognition accuracy.
Click on the "Convert" button to initiate the OCR process.
Once the OCR process is complete, you can download the extracted text or copy it directly.

Why Use OnlineOCR for Text Extraction

New OCR stands out for its simplicity and multilingual support. As an online tool, it eliminates the need for software installations and allows users to quickly extract text from images with just a few clicks. The platform's straightforward interface makes it accessible to users with varying technical expertise, providing a convenient solution for individuals and businesses alike.


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An Online Image-to-Text Converter is a convenient and user-friendly tool designed to transform images containing text into editable text documents. This online platform simplifies the process of extracting textual content from images, offering an accessible solution for users seeking quick and efficient text conversion.

How to Use

Open your web browser and visit the website of the chosen Online Image-to-Text Converter.
Use the platform's interface to upload the image file containing the text you wish to extract.
After uploading, start the conversion process by clicking the appropriate button, often labeled as "Convert" or a similar term.
The tool will process the image, utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize and extract the text.
Once processed, the tool will display the extracted text on the interface.
Copy the text directly from the platform for use in other applications.

Why Use an Online Image-to-Text Converter

An Online Image-to-Text Converter offers a simple and efficient way to convert image-based text into editable content. With no need for software installations, these converters are accessible to users of all technical levels. Whether you're dealing with scanned documents or images with embedded text, this tool provides a quick solution for extracting valuable textual information, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.


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Adobe Acrobat Pro is a powerful and comprehensive software solution developed by Adobe for creating, editing, converting, and managing PDF documents. Widely used in professional settings, Adobe Acrobat Pro goes beyond standard PDF functionalities and includes advanced features, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), making it a versatile tool for working with image-based text.

How to Use

Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro on your computer. Ensure you have the latest version installed.
Open the PDF file containing the image-based text that you want to extract.
In the menu, go to "Tools" and select "Enhance Scans."
Choose "Recognize Text" and select the option "In This File." You may also specify the language of the text for improved accuracy.
Adobe Acrobat Pro will apply OCR to the PDF, recognizing and converting the image-based text into editable content.
Once the OCR process is complete, open the converted PDF, and you can now easily copy the extracted text using the text selection tool.

Why Use Adobe Acrobat Pro for Text Extraction

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a professional-grade tool widely recognized for its extensive capabilities in handling PDF documents. The inclusion of OCR functionality enhances its utility, particularly for extracting text from image-based PDFs. With a user-friendly interface and precision in text recognition, Adobe Acrobat Pro is a preferred choice for businesses, professionals, and anyone requiring advanced PDF functionalities. Keep in mind that Adobe Acrobat Pro is a paid software, and its feature-rich nature caters to users with diverse document management needs.

6. Mobile OCR Apps

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brings the power of text extraction from images directly to your fingertips, enabling users to conveniently convert images with text into editable content on their mobile devices. These apps are designed to provide a portable and user-friendly solution for tasks such as scanning documents, capturing text from images, and digitizing information while on the go.

How to Use

Visit your device's app store (e.g., App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android).
Search for a reputable OCR app such as Adobe Scan or Microsoft Office Lens.
Download and install the app on your mobile device.
Open the installed OCR app on your mobile device.
Use the app's camera feature to capture a high-quality picture of the document or image containing the text you want to extract.
After capturing the image, select the OCR or text recognition option within the app.
The app will process the image using OCR technology to recognize and extract the text.
Once the OCR process is complete, the app will display the extracted text.
You can now view and copy the text for further use or share it as needed.

Why Use Mobile OCR Apps for Text Extraction

Mobile OCR apps provide a portable and efficient solution for users who require on-the-go text extraction capabilities. With the convenience of a smartphone camera, these apps enable users to quickly capture and convert images into editable text without the need for additional equipment or complex setups. Ideal for business professionals, students, or anyone needing immediate access to extracted text, mobile OCR apps offer a user-friendly experience and leverage the processing power of modern smartphones for accurate text recognition.


Screenshot 2024-01-29 175407.jpg's Image to Text tool is designed to streamline the process of converting images into text. With a user-friendly interface, users can upload images containing text, and the tool employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract and convert the textual content. This can be particularly useful for tasks such as digitizing documents or extracting information from images. offers a straightforward and efficient solution for users seeking a quick image-to-text conversion.

How to Use

Visit the website and navigate to the Image to Text tool. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
Once on the tool's interface, locate the option to upload your image containing text. This is typically done by clicking on an "Upload" or "Choose File" button.
After uploading the image, the tool will initiate the OCR processing. This involves analyzing the image to identify and extract the text present within it.
Once the OCR process is complete, the tool will display the extracted text on the interface. Review the text to ensure accuracy. Some tools may provide an option to edit or make corrections if needed.

Why Use - Image to Text's Image to Text tool is a reliable and user-friendly solution for converting text from images. Using advanced OCR technology, it accurately extracts text, making it versatile for various applications such as digitizing documents or improving productivity. With its simple interface, users of all levels can easily upload images, initiate the OCR process, and quickly obtain accurate text results. Whether you're looking to save time on manual transcription or streamline workflows,'s Image to Text tool offers convenience and efficiency, making it a valuable resource for text extraction from images.


Screenshot 2024-01-29 175613.jpg
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) online tools are designed to convert images or scanned documents into editable and searchable text. The "OCR.Best online" refers to online platforms or services that excel in providing accurate and efficient OCR functionality. These tools are valuable for various purposes, from digitizing documents to extracting text from images, making them editable and accessible.

How to Use

Go to the website of the selected OCR online tool using your web browser.
Use the tool's interface to upload the image or document containing the text you want to extract. Look for an "Upload" or "Choose File" option.
Some tools allow you to choose the language of the text in the image, enhancing recognition accuracy.
Click on the "Convert" or a similar button to start the OCR processing. The tool will analyze the image or document to recognize and extract text.
Once the processing is complete, review the extracted text displayed on the interface. Some tools may allow you to make edits or corrections.
Download the extracted text as a text file or copy it to your clipboard for further use in other applications.

Why Use OCR.Best Online

The OCR.Best online tool excels in accurate text recognition through advanced algorithms, providing a user-friendly and accessible solution without complex software installations. Their automated text extraction process saves significant time, and their versatility allows handling various document types and languages. With user-friendly interfaces and accessibility from any device, these tools offer flexibility for users on the go. Additionally, many are cost-effective, providing budget-friendly solutions for individuals and businesses.


Extracting text from PDF images is now made simple with user-friendly tools. Whether you're scanning docs or turning images into text, options like Google Drive, Free Online OCR, Tinywow, Online Image to Text Converter,, and mobile OCR apps make it very easy. No more manual typing struggles – these tools do the heavy lifting for you, making tasks like digitizing business cards or working with scanned documents a walk in the park. Choose the tool that suits you, and enjoy a hassle-free, user-friendly process!

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