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Most marketing falls flat because organizations put themselves at the center of the story vs. the donor. This can leave the donor feeling like your organization already has it all figured out and doesn’t need additional support. That’s the exact opposite of what we want to occur.
Brand messaging helps you clarify your message so donors will listen.
For more information on the talking points structure, please read the “Writing Using Talking Points” resource under the training modules.
Talking Points
Children of Uganda
Empowerment illuminates the path to social justice for women, youth, and families.
Children of Uganda
Event Name
Journey of Light: a Virtual Benefit Boma for Children of Uganda
Event Description
On November 13, Children of Uganda will hold our first-ever virtual event - Journey of Light: A Virtual Benefit Boma for the Children of Uganda. A boma is a circular enclosure of branches around a fire, a sacred space where the community and elders gather for meaningful discussions and important decisions.
While we can’t bring our Tour of Light to you in person this year, we invite you to be part of a virtual boma for people who care about the future of Uganda. We’ll gather, get a glimpse into the challenges Ugandan families face right now, and help empower Ugandan women and children.
Story Question
How can you empower Ugandan women, children, and families with the education and resources they need to break the cycle of social injustice?
Controlling Idea
Empowerment illuminates the path to social justice for women, youth, and families.
Children of Uganda empowers women and youth with opportunities to build sustainable skills and community networks, so they can break the chains of dependence and the cycle of poverty to live healthy and fulfilling lives.
Problem Statement
Uganda continues to face a humanitarian crisis, the realities of which have only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdowns disproportionately affect vulnerable groups like women and children, leading to increases in gender-based violence and the elimination of jobs. The pressure guardians face to provide for their children is overwhelming without a sustainable and adequate income source.
Uganda continues to face a humanitarian crisis.
External Problem
Ugandan women face the enormous responsibility to feed, clothe, and educate their children. In a country where 41% of people live in poverty and almost half of Uganda’s population is under 15, families exist in a vicious cycle of poverty.
Nearly 50% of women in Uganda are married off by the age of 18 (with 10% by age 15).
Women have an average birth rate of 5.59 children, compared to a global figure of 2.5.
Nearly 50% of children do not complete primary school.
Internal Problem
The desire to provide for their children can be overwhelming, especially without an income-generating activity to pay for food, clothes, healthcare, and education expenses.
Philosophical Problem
No mother should have to decide between feeding her children or sending them to school.
An entire generation of Ugandans do not have access to basic human rights or justice.
Every child should be empowered to shine and to realize their full potential - taking their rightful seat as future leaders and visionaries of a more just and prosperous Uganda.
Without the proper aid and systems of support, an entire generation of Ugandan women and their children risk losing the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence needed to lift themselves out of poverty.
Like you, we’re morally outraged and distressed by the hardships that women and children face daily in Uganda—especially in contrast to the vast opportunities and abundance so many of us have and take for granted.
Together, we’ve made an impact:
2,400+ women and children impacted by the Family Empowerment Program
1,000+ children provided a private education
90 income-generating projects supported
200+ families provided emergency relief during the COVID-19 pandemic
COU Graduates and University Students
COU Guardian Success Stories
Program Description
Our locally-developed Family Empowerment Program (FEP) guides guardians through three core areas to strengthen the foundation of households and improve the welfare of children:
Skills training and economic empowerment via Income Generating Activities (IGAs)
Financial knowledge and accountability through Village Savings & Loan Associations (VSLAs)
Family counseling, community health and wellness

Income Generating Activities

More than ⅓ of Ugandans live in extreme poverty, surviving off of just $2/day. Economic empowerment can and will break the chains of dependency, empowering women to learn marketable skills and resource management. Women in our program are successfully running income-generating activities of their own to provide for their families, such as tailoring, crop farming, the coffee trade, retail shops, and much more.

Educated Youth

Nearly 50% of Ugandan children are under-educated because families can’t afford tuition payments. Through partnering with the highest quality boarding schools in Uganda, we provide students with the essential supplies they need to receive a top-quality education - tuition, uniforms, shoes, scholastic and personal requirements. Graduates of our program are working in fields such as engineering, medicine, hospitality, environmental protection, as well as trades like mechanics and carpentry.

Community Health and Wellness

Safety net programs are limited in Uganda, leaving many households vulnerable if someone gets sick. We provide children and their families access to basic health care services, enhanced nutrition and wellness, and counseling and psychosocial support.
HIV+ youth receive supplemental nutrition, medicine, and transport to nearby health clinics for services like ARV drug therapy, CD4 testing, and counseling.
COU organizes health education seminars for students at their schools, as well as identifies medical and dental professionals to carry out annual exams.
Three Step
Invest in empowerment and education
Defend the most vulnerable
Transform the future for families in Uganda
CTA Direct
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When you invest in a woman entrepreneur or sponsor a child in school via Children of Uganda, they emerge with the skills, ideas, optimism, and energy needed to transform an entire family’s well-being.
Your donation helps empower Ugandans by providing:
education and career training
school tuition and fees for a family in need
access to basic medical care at boarding school
a safe place to live
counseling and mental health support
the opportunity for women to be self-sustaining by initiating their own Income-Generating Activity (IGA)
community development, networking, and support via Village Savings & Loan Associations (VSLAs)

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