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Magnifi Release Notes

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Jul 2023

Create Tournament Highlights, Player Highlights for the Series in 1-click

As all games have different stream links, it becomes a hassle to create a tournament wide highlight
With Magnifi you can now create a tournament highlight in a few clicks
Use this feature to create player highlights for the series in one click

Create Highlights using Multiple Streams

You can now edit and merge clips from multiple streams at once
This results in faster and efficient editing
This feature empowers editors to have all the media at one place

Save highlights in Slow-Mo

Add drama and cinematic effects to your highlights and replays by saving clips at different speed
Save clips at x 0.5 & x 0.75 speed

Granular Editing up to Milli-seconds

Game changing moments happen in mili-seconds in sports
Video editing tools do not have the granular capacity to edit

Intuitive way to create Highlights

Select, drag, drop, save, and publish - Sleek UI to create edit your videos
No need to install or use any third party apps or heavy duty softwares
Magnifi will do all the editing tasks for you

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Bulk Transformation

Select multiple clips to copy, upload to cloud, download, and delete
Save operational time and deliver more highlight clips in less time!

Better Governance

Hierarchical folder structure to allow better data governance
Super-admin can now create multiple folders and grant access to specific users as per requirements
Different folders can have access to different streams
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Access Control

Faster TAT in publishing Web-stories

Rate & Access Best Clips Quickly

New Sports Added

🚴🏻‍♂️ Cycling

👍🏼 Thumb-Wrestling

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