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Bregy Malpartida
Hiring period: March 20 to April 19.
Job positions
Flutter Developer - Remote
OneHealth (Chagas), Workdyst
React Frontend Developer - Remote
OneHealth (Rabia)
Intern Developer - Remote
Flutter Developer - Remote
We are looking for a Junior or Semi-senior Flutter Developer to join our StartUp Team! As a Flutter Developer, you will support our senior leaders on projects with mobile apps.
Knowledge in design patterns, state management, reactive systems with flutter, also in integration with remote APIs (REST, GraphQL) and Offline-first approach.
Use the Flutter SDK to craft beautiful and interactive applications.
Keep track of the changes using version control tools (Git and Github).
Communicate with backend person in order to integrate API’s with Ul.
Participate in design and code reviews.
Refine and implement our development standards & best practices.
Test the app to make sure it doesn't crash and participate in app deployment.
Graduate or Major Student in Computer Science, Software Engineering or self-educated.
Able to create great UI that supports different mobile devices and screen sizes.
Self-motivated and results-oriented.
Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
OneHealth (Chagas), Workdyst
Monthly Salary
850 - 1350 USD
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About Minsky
We are a Technology and Innovation Hub. Our mission is to be a united community that works proactively to create open source technology that helps academic projects and businesses. Furthermore, we support developers who need to be flexible in the face of global technological changes.
Contact us
Whatsapp/Telegram: +51924122969
Are you interested?
Please let us to know you. Send us your resume with subject “Minsky Flutter Developer Application” and make an appointment in calendly.
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