Coda on Coda - Tracking Customer Feedback

Charlotte, Customer Champion extraordinaire, and I recently sat down to explore our customer feedback tracker. Relive the magic here:


Customer feedback is something we’ve taken seriously since the very beginning. If you were with us way back in the olden days of the private beta, you probably received an email with the “Thoughts so far?” subject line. We were blown away by the sheer amount of thoughtful and detailed feedback we received. It was an essential part of our product development and such a gift for our engineering and product teams. Feedback is still part of our DNA. Charlotte’s doc has four main parts that keep us connected.

Cross Doc for data

The first part of Charlotte’s doc is all about data. She has the Intercom Pack installed so she can access all of the great data from that service, and she Cross Docs the Intercom conversations from just that quarter to keep the doc in tip top shape. She’s even added a button to each Intercom conversation if anyone needs to dig deeper and see more context:
quarterly data.png

Filtered views for teams and individuals

Since everyone at Coda has different interests, Charlotte made the doc so that folks could jump right to what was important to them. She has views of the Quarterly Data table with controls to filter by:


team blog.png


tag blog.png

Search terms

search blog.png
Curious about the formula we use to filter here? No problem — here it is:

formula blog.gif


Charlotte also created an easy way for folks to get involved. Allowing requests for new tags to better refine our data gives Charlotte’s team the chance to educate folks on tags they could use:
request tags.png
The other opt-in lets people choose with email summaries they want to subscribe to:

Email Generators

The last part of Charlotte’s doc lets her meet people where they are in Slack or Email. Using the Gmail Pack and an automation, her doc automatically emails people with their relevant subscription information:
email generateor.png

Charlotte’s Tips

Charlotte is full of brilliant tips; here are a few of our favorites:
Just get started — you can always make changes and adjustments later. The one way you’ll know if your tagging and email system is effective is by releasing it and asking for feedback.
Dream big — think about the ideal situation for your work process. You can then start building toward it, and you might be surprised what you find. Remember, Charlotte and her team are here to help you realize that dream.
Take what you need — if you’ve got a large dataset, try using cross doc to pull in only your relevant information.
Join the community — is full of more brilliant people who are always willing to help and full of great ideas
Bug us — your feature requests and ideas are not bothersome, they are gifts, please keep sending them our way.

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