Coda on Coda — All Hands Meetings

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Meeting culture is something that varies widely from company to company. While some have a strict “every meeting can be an email instead” policy, others are more willing to collaborate and sync in real-time.
Coda sits happily somewhere in the middle of that spectrum—we do have meetings, but we’re proactive about making them count. Here at Coda, we have only three types of meetings:

Context — to help people understand why decisions were made or what to expect for a certain event
Catalyst — to get feedback from the wider company and promote transparency
Cadence — a standing meeting or all hands

Catalysts—which we’ve discussed in a
—are definitely a very Coda way of doing things, but something that all companies have in common is the need for all hands touch-points. Of course, we have a doc for that.

Relive the conversation and demo here:


Our all hands doc has five main parts — let’s take a look!

1. Monday Kickoff

2. Friday Demos

3. OKRs

4. Helpful Calendars

5. Get to Know the Team

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